Windows 10

Run Valotalive Digital Signage on Windows 10

Modern operating system with powerful protection

Digital Signage on Windows 10

Run your digital signage on Windows 10. Simply select Valotalive Chrome Extension as your kiosk app.

Valotalive Chrome Extension turns your device with Windows 10 and Chrome browser into a live Digital Signage player.

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Windows 10

Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage

✅ Valotalive is a modern digital signage service designed for the workplace.

✅ The service integrates with the tools that you already use, including Power BI, Yammer, SharePoint, and many more.

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Valotalive integrates with the tools that you use. Run digital signage on windows 10

Valotalive Digital Signage Player

Valotalive Digital Signage Player (Chrome Extension) is a modern media player application. It has been built on the latest web technologies.

✅ Set your player in kiosk mode with Valotalive as you app.

✅ Run Valotalive in full-screen mode and enjoy the benefits of the modern Workplace Digital Signage.

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