Valotalive Digital Signage for Slack

Amplify your Slack communication by displaying curated messages on digital signage.

Share your Slack channels and curated messages to Valotalive digital signage in practically real time with any device. Set up securely in minutes using Slack authentication.

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Share Slack Channels and Messages to Digital Signage

Amplify Slack messages by displaying on digital signage

  • Display relevant channels and messages from one or more Slack instances to make sure your message gets noticed and remembered
  • Perfect for hybrid work, multi-channel communication, showcasing company culture, recognizing employees, etc.
Team in front of digital signage display

Update with any device to reach your audience in real time

  • Update digital signage content on the go with any device in (almost) real time
  • Perfect for timely communications like events or conferences or safety and property announcements

Display multiple content zones on the screen at the same time

  • Show up to four different reports, dashboards, or report pages on the screen at the same time with Multiview App that allows splitting the screen into four separate content zones that can be customized according to your brand
Slack Message on a display

Tailor your message to your brand and needs

  • Display multiple media files – support for most common media formats from your Slack messages; text, images, videos (MP4), emojis, and more
  • Personalize Call-to-Action to motivate behavior
  • Match your brand’s visual look and feel by creating a custom theme for displayed messages

“Valotalive Native Integration with Slack has been a great visual addition to our multi-channel communication needs when we want to reach out to our 1300+ people community here at Maria 01.”

Tuomas Manninen, Chief Happiness Officer, Maria 01 Startup Community

How to Securely Share Your Slack Content to Valotalive Digital Signage in Less Than 10 Minutes

Step 1: Add the Valotalive app to the Slack channel

Open Slack on the desktop, click Apps at the top of the left sidebar. Search for “Valotalive”, then click Add. You’ll be taken to the Slack App Directory. Click Add to Slack. Follow the prompts to install the app.

Step 2: Sign up for free to activate the Slack app on Valotalive

Create your Valotalive account here for free, and activate the Slack app (under Apps).

Step 3: Choose displayed content in the app settings

Next, head over to your Slack app settings and use the drop-down menu to choose the channel you want to share messages from along with other settings.

Step 4: Show your Slack content on a screen

We recommend starting with the Valotalive My Display Chrome extension to easily test what your content flow looks like on a digital signage info screen without having to set up one.

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