What’s New in Valotalive

What’s new in Valotalive?

Below you can find the list of the latest updates to Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage.

We are developing our services forward on a constant basis, bringing you the new integrations/apps along with new features. We are driving the Workplace Digital Signage forward.

Valotalive is an award-winning software.
Valotalive is an award-winning software

Take a look at what’s new in Valotalive:

09 / 2021

Employee Wall update

We have updated the Employee Wall. It is now possible to set a company validator who can validate (optional) new users and centrally manage (archive, re-publish, delete) the posts, if needed. Read more about Employee Wall here

Teams App public access

We have now opened the Teams App for public access in Valotalive. All customers using Teams can now enjoy the benefits of the integration. Read more on Teams app

08 / 2021

Disable email links – new setting in My Content Channels

There’s a new setting in My Content app that makes it possible for you to disable outgoing email links for added content managers. This forces them to use My Content through Valotalive admin panel in case you’d like to add another layer of security.

Stock Beat with a new data source

Stock Beat app, that displays stock data, makes a come back, now powered by Yahoo Finance data. We have also made it even easier to activate the app. You can now locate your stock easily using Yahoo Finance symbols.

06 / 2021

Real Time Digital Signage Enabled by WebSocket Technology

The readiness for WebSocket is in place. The roll-out will be performed upon a separate notice. WebSocket enables real time communication ⚡️ between Valotalive cloud and displays, provides better user experience and is the foundation for future development. Read more about the WebSockets and the benefits of the technology

Redesigned UI

Valotalive admin portal now has a new look & feel (video). 🤩 There’s also simple navigation that makes it even easier for the admins to find what they are looking for. In addition to that It is now possible for admins to easily invite other users to the service (video).

Microsoft Teams Early Access is here!

Valotalive introduces a new Teams integration that will be opened for a select number of customers. Read more and request early access here

New Features in SharePoint App

We have added support for stock images. In addition to this you can now select the country locale for date formatting according to your preferences and choose to show or not to show the time of the post as well. Read more about SharePoint integration.

03 / 2021

KPI Exception Indicator

This application uses Google Sheets as a data source. Get notified on digital signage when the operational KPIs are not within the target value. Read more here: Google Sheets

Twitter Global Pulse

A new application to follow & showcase the pulse of Twitter discussion visualised on a 3D rotating globe. Read more here: Twitter

01 / 2021

Accident Free Days Counter for Manufacturing customers

This years first release included a new value add service called Accident Free Days Counter

Digital Signage player

We published a new Digital Signage Player app for improved security and scalable activation process

The release also included enhanced reporting features for our Power BI application and some bug fixes

12 / 2020

My Content Channel and more

We are excited to introduce the enhanced version of the popular content publishing tool My Content. Meet My Content Channel. The My Content Channel release includes two major developments – a new fresh user experience and a set of cool new features. Read more about My Content Channel

This December release also includes better reporting from the integrations (sources) and overall service improvement along with Service Worker .

08 / 2020

Native Slack Integration

We have added Slack integration to Valotalive. You can now push Slack message to Digital Signage displays to increase reach and productivity. Valotalive can now be found in Slack’s App Directory.

06 / 2020

​Okta update

An Update to our Okta access control support

04 / 2020

Virtual Displays 

It is possible for our customers now to embed Virtual Valotalive Displays on their website, such as intranet to support remote work.

Access Control

We provide new access control tools for you to manage access rights for Embedded Applications and Virtual Displays. 

Flow Management – more beautiful than ever

Our Flow Management view got a new beautiful and clean look. The page is informative, simple and easy to use. See our product page

03 / 2020

Tableau Public

Display live Dashboard Visualizations from Tableau Public Cloud on Digital Signage.

02 / 2020

Google Photos

Valotalive integrates with Google Photos albums.  Highlight your images automatically on Digital Signage.

01 / 2020

My Content Embed

You can show My Content posts on any selected website i.e. intranet using My Content Embed. This release ads support to IP Blocking as an additional security feature to My Content Embed. 

My Content App localized for Finnish Speaking Content Managers

After the release you can use My Content in Finnish as well. Changes to the language preferences is quick and easy and can be done within the app behind the turn wheel.

12 / 2019

Overlay Technology​

Valotalive Overlay Technology transforms ways to use the content on digital signage displays. It offers a vast opportunity to use one content on top of other content: With this first release, you can add snowfall inside your company displays accompanied with an occasional snowplow driven by Santa Claus.

Online order process for pre-configured media players & value add services

You can now purchase online ready-to-go, turn-key media players with Valotalive installed & value add services.

A new way to manage subscriptions

You can now manage display subscriptions in your account and may choose the suitable subscription per display to suit your needs.

Credit Card management update

Valotalive is now compliant with the latest Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations in EEA. Regulators demand support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

New, improved UX

There’s a new, fresh look & feel for Apps, Flows and Displays pages.

11 / 2019

Support for filters & configurable data refresh rate in Microsoft Power BI report app

We are happy to announce Valotalive Microsoft Power BI app now supports filters. You can now use filters in Power BI in Valotalive App Configuration to filter down your report for a specific target audience. 

In addition, it is now possible to adjust your data refresh rate with the accuracy of one minute to suit your needs better.

10 / 2019

MS Power BI Dashboard app improves

We have made available a new adjustable app reload setting in Microsoft Power BI Dashboards app configuration. This makes it possible for you to set the interval between app reloads to improve audience experience and usability.

New Facebook authentication

To improve security for you and your company we have brought new (OAuth 2.0) authentication as part of the Valotalive Facebook app activation process. This way we also make sure we are compliant with new Facebook policies to secure the high quality of services for you.

Valotalive Chrome Extension updated

Version 1.0.5 is now available. We have removed the extra click to launch the app.

Public availability for Jira Issues App

Jira issue app integrates with Jira cloud to make it possible for you to filter and show live Jira issues securely on your displays around your workplace. Read more about Valotalive integration with Jira cloud

08 / 2019

New Instagram authentication 

To improve security for you and your company we have brought new (OAuth 2.0) authentication as part of Valotalive Instagram app activation process. This way we also make sure we are compliant with Instagram policies to secure the high quality of services for you.

JIRA App in closed beta

JIRA issue app makes it possible for you to filter and show live Jira issues securely on your displays around your workplace. 

06 / 2019

June update

The June update included: Happeo layout enhancement, Adjustable clock to the display header or footer, audio support for YouTube, bug fixes.

05 / 2019


Create stunning displays using different content areas on your Digital Signage screens. Read more about Valotalive Multiview


Extend the reach of your content in LumApps with Digital Signage. Read more about the new LumApps app here

UX Enhancements

We have made some improvements to make it even easier to navigate between Apps, Flows and Displays. Have a look around.

02 / 2019

Yammer App

Connect with people across your organization and stay up to date with the latest discussions with Yammer on Digital Signage displays. Read more about Yammer.

12 / 2018

RSS for Digital Signage

Display any live RSS in your office with Valotalive RSS App. Activate a live stream of your favourite information. Read more.

11 / 2018

Stock Beat

Valotalive provides live stock exchange data with beautiful full screen visuals. Follow your favourite companies and display visual stock beat data from Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges.

10 / 2018


Valotalive now integrates with Officevibe! You can now make Officevibe employee engagement data visible to your office digital signage screens. Activate your Officevibe app in Valotalive with a few clicks and start displaying to drive transparency. Read More

09 / 2018

Microsoft Power BI Reports

An addition to our MS Power BI App. You can now also securely share your Reports to your employees to drive action. 

Microsoft SharePoint Online

You can now automate news and publications from SharePoint Online cloud straight to your info screens. Activate your SharePoint news App in Valotalive with a few clicks. Read More

07 / 2018

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

Securely share your Microsoft Power BI Dashboard to your employees to drive action. Valotalive uses OAuth 2.0 to integrate with MS Power BI cloud. Read More

Connect your Info Screens to Microsoft Power BI with a few clicks using Valotalive

06 / 2018

New Dashboard, Chrome Extension and more

When you first log in to Valotalive you are presented with the dashboard. Valotalive dashboard brings together all the important information regarding your Info Screen network.

Valotalive Chrome Extension turns any laptop with Chrome into a live Info Screen. Install to Valotalive to any Chrome browser to automate information and to visualize data to a display.

06 / 2018

New subscription models – Most flexible plans in digital signage industry.

We are introducing two subscription plans that replace the old one. Meet Valotalive Starter and Awesome. Same great service, new great and simpler pricing for different needs along with better value. Read More

05 / 2018


With Valotalive LinkedIn apps You can automate company posts or job postings to digital displays around the workplace with beautiful layouts.

The app comes with two layouts, choose the best to suit your needs whether you’d like to have larger space for images or text. Just authenticate Valotalive with your company LinkedIn account and you are good to go. 


With Valotalive YouTube playlist app You can automate the video content to digital signage from a selected playlist of a YouTube channel. Setting up is easy with our app, just copy your Playlist ID to Valotalive. 

02 / 2018

Valotalive Engine Update

Valotalive engine is the foundation of our digital signage  app that runs on the media players. This is A big update.

Some main improvements and new features included in the update are:  

  • Improved Engine
  • Display specific view distance
  • Larger “Up next” information box
  • Twitter videos supported
  • Twitter 280 characters supported
  • Flow Preview (without live data)
  • Bug fixes (i.e on app cycles) and more

12 / 2017

Valotalive integrates with Happeo.

Happeo is the enterprise intranet designed for Google ecosystem. Customers that are using Happeo can now easily integrate Valotalive with Happeo with a new turn key application.

Posts in different Channels are now visible live on Info Screens to reach the entire staff with visual location based media. Read More

10 / 2017

Valotalive integrates with Google Slides

We are excited to introduce a secure Google Slides app that meets enterprise level standards.

As we are using the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol for authorization, there’s no need to publish anything to the web regarding the presentation. Read More

My Content

My Content is a publishing tool for instant posting. Communication and content managers can publish pre-made content on the go using mobile or laptop.

08 / 2017

Twitter Grid

The new Twitter Grid app displays Tweets as a Twitter Wall on your display.  You can now really show the buzz and bring social media into the physical space. The view can be optimised to suit your needs.

Web app to support external urls

Valotalive Web app shows an external URL i.e dashboard, lunch menu or transportation information on your displays. Read More