Digital signage for manufacturing, production facilities, and warehouses

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Designed for deskless work

Improve shop floor communication and workplace safety with real-time communication and automated data sharing.

  • Enhance shop floor meetings & factory tours with interactive info screens
  • Share real-time data securely from workplace tools you’re already using
  • Reach busy non-desk workers with hyper-relevant communication
Shop floor meetings digital signage

Key features for manufacturing

Customizable content playlists

  • Valotalive Content Flow is the only programmatic content playlist that allows you not just to determine what content to show on each screen but also weigh content displaying frequency according to what’s important and when

30+ apps and integrations 

  • Pull content from any workplace tools (e.g. Sharepoint) you already use
  • Supports most content formats like slideshows, videos, images, RSS news feeds, dashboards, external websites, and social media feeds

Custom content on the go

  • Add custom content easily on the go whenever you need
  • Use directly from your laptop or mobile phone through My Content Channel

Truly interactive info screens

  • Turn your info screens into interactive displays with Control App
  • Allow anyone to temporarily take over chosen info screens to display videos for factory tours or dig into the details of production data

Visually appealing content zones

  • Split screens in different content zones with the Multiview App
  • Create stunning, informative displays with our easy templates that automatically optimize the use of space

Device agnostic software

  • Access content management securely on any browser and device (no need to download a mobile app)
  • Works with any Chrome OS or Windows devices and with Samsung Tizen SOC or any media player

Fully customizable communication

  • Easily choose what content to show on each info screen
  • Display content based on factors like team membership, info screen location, time of the day/week, original content publish date, weighed importance, and more.

Enterprise-level security

  • SAML 2.0-based SSO for additional security and centralized user management (Microsoft Azure AD, Google, Okta)
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How to use digital signage in manufacturing

Efficient shop floor meetings

  • Valotalive Control app allows you to take over your nearest info screen directly from your mobile browser and show slideshows instead of handing over paper handouts or relying on whiteboards or verbal communications

Relevant shop floor comms

  •  Personalize each info screen based on employee needs: production line data near production lines, corporate comms in breakrooms, and safety communications in all generic areas, etc.
  • Preschedule daily announcements and updates that are essential to your daily operations

Real-time production data

  • Pull data, dashboards, or reports directly from tools like Excel, Power BI, or Qlikview
  • Add additional filters to make data more digestible
  • Display business data, job statuses, targets, records, project progress, daily and quarterly goals, product output timelines, and more – exactly where and when your employees need it, and without delay

Visual factory tours

  • Take over any info screen directly from your mobile browser with Valotalive Control app to show videos or relevant data for visitors.
  • Schedule personalized welcome messages

Motivated employees

  • Keep your non-desk employees motivated by ensuring they have needed data and information at hand. Valotalive is the only digital signage software that allows true content personalization with programmatic playlists.
Accident Free Days Counter on digital signage

Uncompromized safety

  • Make sure everyone is exposed to urgent emergency alerts and health & safety communications
  • Keep security a top priority by displaying an Accident-Free Days Counter
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Most used Valotalive apps and integrations


Share up-to-date sheets & data visualizations


Share PowerPoint presentations

Control App

Use as a remote control for your info screens

Accident-Free Days Counter

Safety but visualized


Share SharePoint news & updates

Power BI

Share up-to-date reports & dashboards


Share up-to-date Qlickview data with your team

My Content Channel

Add content from your mobile

Google Sheets

Share up-to-date sheets & data visualizations


Share any Slack messages with your team

Helsinki city skyline in the evening

Try Valotalive for free

See your new stunning, up-to-date media screen live in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for the 14-day free trial (no credit card needed; cancel any time). You don’t need a separate media player or even a dedicated screen to get started. All you need is a laptop with a Chrome or Edge browser.

Step 2: Add content

Configure any apps from which you want to pull data or content (like Slack, Excel, or Power BI) and create your first ‘content flow’ – an easily customizable, programmatic digital signage content playlist. Alternatively, you can also add any custom content.

Step 3: Preview & publish

You’re now ready to publish your first content flow. You can go live right away with any existing info screens or preview your content first with the Valotalive My Display Chrome extension that converts any laptop into your personal digital signage display.

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