Digital Signage Software as a Service (SaaS)

What is Digital Signage Software?

Published: 20.1.2020 (edited 14.2.2020)

​Digital Signage software is a content management and automation tool (service) that allows you to control a network of displays and content on them. 

With Workplace Digital Signage software you can display live KPI dashboards, automate the latest news from your intranet, or post local content to your displays.

Digital Signage Software is used from any web browser enabling you to manage the content applications, content flows, and display settings in your network.

What is Digital Signage Software as a Service (Saas)? 

Digital Signage SaaS service is centrally hosted and delivered to end customers over the internet on a subscription basis.

The service is typically subscription-based and flexes up and down based on the customer’s needs. 

Cloud-based service typically includes all the upgrades (releases) which are delivered by the service provider, making the customer’s life much easier.

Comparison between on-premises digital signage and digital signage SaaS

PRICINGOne time purchaseSubscription model
UPDATESAdditional purchase and usually self managedContinuous updates included in the subscription
SECURITYSecurity managed by the user’s organization
The service provider takes care of the security measures
DEPLOYMENTTechnology focused projectEasy deployment – avoid additional hardware and setup costs
Access to internet is not required (only for web based integrations / data) Customers are responsible for all software, server and network installations as well as the the mediaplayer setupAccess to internet is required Customers can set up their own media players (BYOD) or can source managed media players as a turn key service
CUSTOMIZATIONHigh customization possibilitiesSome customization possibilities
Digital Signage SaaS vs. On-Premises Digital Signage – comparison table

The Benefits of Digital Signage Software as a Service

Scalability to match your growth

The services flex up and down according to your needs. Use one display or hundreds, you can rest assured the service and capacity scales according to your needs. Should you not need as many displays anymore, you can easily scale down.

Benefit from the latest technology

SaaS providers develop their services forward on a constant basis. They bring you the features, integrations and apps available with continuous updates. Users benefit from the updates without having to purchase the latest version and / or deploy the update themselves.


Pay for the services as you need them. You can change your subscription along the way and pay only for the displays that are in use. When you are in monthly subscription your fees scale up or down based on the amount of displays in use.

Reliability and uptime

SaaS products have been built to serve a large number of customers. Most SaaS companies will promise a 99% uptime. Many promise and deliver even a 99.9%, or more, uptime. Highly predictable and stable uptime helps to avoid unplanned downtime and any costs that come along with outages.

How SaaS Digital Signage Powers Workplace today

Greater employee experience

Digital signage is used as a tool to help improve a company’s physical workplace, streamline dynamic “flows” of communication, and enrich company culture.

Innovative companies use modern Digital Signage SaaS to boost Employee Experience:

 Drive Data Transparency with live and visual KPI Displays

 Engage Employees with up to date information and communication

 Improve the reach of communication

“74 % of effective organizations focus on driving employee behaviour.”

Change and communication ROI study by Willis Towers Wattson