How to Use Slack on Digital Signage Displays to Increase Productivity and Reach

Are you using Slack for your team collaboration? Are you looking for new ways to improve the reach of your Slack messages to increase impact and productivity?

You have come to the right place, as in this blog we’ll tell you how to combine Slack with Digital Signage Displays to make sure your teams stay informed and up to date.

Maria 01 – The Nordics leading Startup Campus is using Slack on Digital Signage as seen in the blog image above.

“Valotalive Native Integration with Slack has been a great visual addition to our multi-channel communication needs when we want to reach out to our 1300+ people community here at Maria 01.”
– Tuomas Manninen, Chief Happiness Officer

The Use Cases for Slack for Digital Signage

1 Amplify your messaging by going multi-channel.

Workplace Digital Signage can make sure your posts do not go unseen. You can make it easy for Slack users to read your latest announcements i.e while they grab coffee or enter the office.

2 Reach all employees in your workplace

Your office and production site TVs are a way to reach also those users who might not have access to your Slack Workplace.

3 Give new users an access to your office displays

Combining Slack with your Digital Signage Displays is one way to give employees an an access to your office displays, even if they are not using Valotalive before.

How to activate Slack on Digital Signage?

Make sure you have a Valotalive account with live displays. If you do not yet have a Valotalive account, you can test the service today, as a FREE trial is provided. 

After that there are two easy steps to activating Slack on your digital signage displays. 

Step I – Add Valotalive into the selected Slack channel

Follow the more detailed instructions in this video to add Valotalive from Slack app directory into the selected Slack channels. These are the channels from where you’d like to push messages to your office displays.

Step II – Active the Slack app in Valotalive

Activate the Slack app in Valotalive and authenticate the service with Slack to enable the secure integration.

Hints & Tips when using Slack with Digital Signage

  • Place your call to action. It might be a good idea to enter a CTA (i.e read more in Slack) in app settings that goes to the displays along with your posts.
  • Add your company logo. Boost your brand internally and upload a company logo with a transparent background in app settings to go along with your posts
  • Highlight employee praises. In case you are celebrating employee achievements using apps like Praisely!, you might want to emphasise the effect by showing the praises on internal office screens as well.
  • Activate a separate channel just for Digital Signage. In case you’d like to display certain announcements that are just for the office displays, you can activate a private channel in slack just for digital signage usage.

Increase transparency and employee engagement


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