Workplace digital signage FAQ

Digital Signage FAQ

We want to help you to get the most out of your digital signage solution. That’s why we are giving you this. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding workplace digital signage.

What Do I need to know about Digital Signage Content Strategy?

Digital signage content strategy helps you outline the plan for successful implementation and to maximize the impact of the investment.

With proper planning, you can also avoid possible simple mistakes.

We have provided a set of guides that you are free to use when making plans for Workplace Digital Signage.

You can also look at the short version of the guide: Top 3 tips to effective workplace digital signage content strategy

How can I connect Digital Signage with my business applications?

Valotalive has an increasing number of ready integrations to various business applications that can help you to integrate Digital Signage into your workplace communication processes.

The apps in Valotalive are easy to activate with a few clicks. The integrations are secure using industry standards such as native OAuth2.0 authentication. This means that you can use i.e MS Azure AD or Google Sign In credentials, depending on the application.

You can see the Product page for further information about the apps that are available for you.

How do I publish content for Digital Signage?

Before jumping into publishing content manually, think back to see if the content you’d like to publish would already exist in some format in different business applications?

Plan to automate as much Digital Signage content updates as possible to keep the audience engaged and to save time and resources. Modern digital signage platforms, like Valotalive, make it possible to automate content updates with ready integrations to different business systems.

Then again, there are always those local or ad-hoc news that just cannot be automated. You can use an application called My Content to post on the fly or on a schedule

What are the requirements to show a web page on digital signage?

The web page should look good on digital signage. This means that the content should fit well on the digital signage display. The page shown should be able to convey the message without any scrolling or interaction needed.

The technical requirements for a web page:
*The web pages need to support https protocol
*The url requested should be allowed to use inside an iframe
Valotalive has a web app to show you bespoke web pages on digital signage

What are the requirements to use an RSS feed on digital signage?

RSS is a great way to display a live stream of News of your selection. Valotalive has an RSS app ready for you. You will need an Active RSS / Atom Feed. Then you can just copy the url of your selected RSS feed and go live with a few clicks.

Valotalive RSS app will show the images, headline, and ingress of the stories.

What type of hardware do I need to use Digital Signage?

A mediaplayer is the hardware that connects Digital Signage service with your displays. You can choose between HD or 4K resolution media players, depending on your preferences and use case.

You can get familiar with the recommended Google Chromeboxes here. Valotalive Digital Signage app for Google Devices can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

If you’d like to run Valotalive on another OS (i.e Windows), you need to make sure there is a modern Chrome browser in the media player of your choice. Valotalive Chrome Extension can be found in Chrome Web Store.

What do I need to know before buying Digital Signage?

We have provided a complete guide where we review everything you need to know about buying Digital Signage service for your workplace. The article includes six quick tips for you.

You can read our Workplace Digital Signage Buyer’s Guide here

What type of screens are required for Digital Signage?

Modern displays with HD or even 4K resolution are recommended, depending on your use case and needs. The media players are connected to your displays using either HDMI or DisplayPort input.

How do I setup the digital signage media player?

You can choose one of the following:

1. Purchase a pre-configured media player
You can order a media player from Valotalive that is ready-to-go. This is our recommended model.

2. Set up the media player your self
If you are going to run Valotalive on a Chrome Device you can use Google Chrome Management to enroll the device and manage the settings

It is also possible for you to run Valotalive on some other OS i.e Windows. You just need to make sure your media player has a modern Chrome browser in it. Valotalive Chrome Extension can be found in Chrome Web Store.

How do I manage the Digital Signage system?

Managing Workplace Digital Signage is straightforward:

The Content and The displays

The displays in your workplace can be easily grouped with tags based on the geographical location (i.e Country, City…) or business unit (sales, production…) The content can be targeted accordingly.
Valotalive can be administered through the web based service (Apps, Flows & Displays)

Once you have the structure in place you can sit back and enjoy the automated content updates.
If you would like to post and target content to your local audience group(s) you can just log in to My Content using your laptop or mobile phone and do that.

The media Player

A mediaplayer is the hardware that connects Valotalive service with your displays. The media players can be managed by Valotalive or by your own IT staff based on your preferences.

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