Integrate digital signage with your business processes

Connect Valotalive with your business applications using the My Content API.

My Content API


My Content API makes it possible to programmatically upload content and post messages using My Content Channels. As an example you can post content based on a specific trigger in your business systems or you can send dashboard screenshots based on a schedule to a display. 

Restful API

The modern My Content API is a RESTful web service that supports methods GET, POST, DELETE

With the API You can send text or attachments (images, videos, pdf) to a specific My Content Channel. My Content will then display the content automatically on the targeted screens.

All post related actions regarding My Content Channel can be requested through the API. 

Read more about the API description here

Get Started

To get started with the API, you will need to have at least one display that is live and one My Content Channel app active in your Valotalive Account. 

If you do not yet have Valotalive account, a 14 day free trial is provided for you. You can also learn more about Valotalive watching this introduction video here.

Enable API

You can enable the API access inside the selected My Content Channel app. Open the application and navigate to the settings, give the API user name and click “enable”. 

API Key and API Secret

Once you have enabled the API in My Content you will be presented with the API Key and API Secret values in the app for further use in your app script.

Start Using

To save you some time, we have provided you with API libraries that support all endpoints. 



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