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New tools for Hybrid Work

Hybrid teams require an entirely new set of leadership, best practices and tools to keep both sets of workers, onsite and remote, informed and engaged.

This is why Valotalive comes with new tools to respond to the needs of Hybrid Work

  1. Virtual Display
  2. My Content Embed

Keep remote teams up to date using Virtual Display

Valotalive Virtual Display

Valotalive Virtual Display displays your digital signage content on your employees laptops.

You can embed Virtual Display inside any website or business application to reach all employees.

Laptop with SharePoint and Virtual Display on it
Valotalive Virtual Display Embedded in SharePoint
Post content to both Digital Signage displays and Virtual Displays once

Post Content to Digital Signage & Virtual Display

Post your latest company news or updates to your employees in one go to your Digital Signage Displays and Virtual Displays on laptops.

With Virtual Display you can:

  • Embed a content flow of selected display into any website
  • Share content, the latest updates and more with your employees
  • Make sure the latest news, updates and KPIs reach your teams where ever they work
Keep remote employees up to date with Virtual Display

How does it work

Virtual Display provides a display link (URL) to a specific display. This link can be used in company web sites i.e to embed display into intranet. Virtual Display will play the specific content that has been assigned to that display.

Setup the Virtual Display in your Valotalive account

Continue sharing the visual content, KPIs and dashboards just as your staff would be in the office. The first thing you need is to contact our support to purchase the add on service. Once this has been activated follow these steps:

  • Log in to Valotalive admin panel
  • Navigate to Displays and open the display you want employees to see
  • Copy the URL under “Information” and you’re ready to share it with your employees!
Valotalive Digital Signage
Valotalive admin panel main dashboard

Distribute your digital signage content with My Content Embed

Increase the reach of employee communication with My Content Embed add-on service

My Content Embed is an additional service that extends your Workplace Digital Signage channels from the physical workplace to employees in remote locations.

The solution enables Valotalive My Content channels to be embedded into any browser, such as an intranet or other employee communication channels.

Read more about My Content Embed.

Valotalive admin panel main dashboard

“Digital Signage content sums up the most essential news in workplace communication, but it only reaches the part of the staff working at offices and factories. With Valotalive embedded in our intranet, the content reaches a significantly wider audience, especially now that remote work has grown rapidly.”

Amos Ahola – Wärtsilä Corporation

Contact us to get started with your Virtual Display or My Content Embed

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