Interactive Digital Signage Solutions to Engage Employees and Visitors

Engage employees or visitors by enabling interaction with your digital signage displays through interactive digital signage solutions.

Designed for Workplace

Whether amplifying shop floor meetings, seamlessly integrating interactive Power BI with shop floor boards, or revitalizing customer experience centers with engaging content on large screens, Valotalive empowers you to deploy interactive digital signage solutions without the necessity of acquiring additional hardware.

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Use Cases for Interactive Digital Signage

Some examples of innovative use of digital signage with interactivity

Shopfloor meetings

Take control of your digital signage screens in the production facility. Switch from the view mode to interaction and play content on demand using your mobile device. Line managers have the flexibility to deliver presentations, navigate between slides, or initiate new content such as safety videos.

Shop Floor Boards

Present a comprehensive overview of operations through a digital shop floor board. Offer the teams the flexibility to seamlessly transition to interactive Power BI reports for in-depth analysis and detailed drill-down.

Customer Experience Centers

Bring Customer Experience Centres alive by using large video walls to run a presentation, showcase a product or play video content to guests. Switch from the view mode to content-on-demand with Valotalive Control. Hosts or guests gain control through their mobile devices, allowing them to take charge of the screen and play selected content directly from the menu.


Provide customers and visitors with the ability to play content on demand on lobby displays. As an example they can familiarise themselves with the company’s safety instructions, learn more about the business and history or seek more information about the campus. They can pair their mobile device with the screens and start playing pre-loaded content.

Valotalive’s Solutions for interactivity

Valotalive Control

Valotalive Control serves as a virtual ‘remote control’ for engaging with information screen content.

  • Valotalive admin users pre-load content onto info screens for the users through the Control app.
  • The users can then temporarily take control of the info screen on their mobile device via QR-code.
  • Valotalive Control works in a mobile browser without having to download anything first.

Power BI Overlay

Seamlessly transition from the Valotalive Flow to interactive Power BI by clicking the mouse. Stop the primary content and deep dive in to the Power BI Report for further analysis.

The report takes center stage, becoming the sole content until you decide to exit, at which point the Flow resumes.

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