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Wärtsilä is one of the largest Valotalive Customers. Valotalive is powering more than 300 displays improving employee communications and the customer experience in the offices, lobbies, production facilities and experience centres.

Valotalive Workplace

Digital Signage Verticals

Valotalive corporate digital signage software enables more effective workplace communications – regardless of if it’s your primary communications channel or a means to amplify the message from other channels – and increases data transparency across all teams and locations.

Digital signage for


  • Reach your non-desk employees in
production facilities easily
  • Prevent accidents by displaying emergency alerts and public safety information for both employees and visitors.
  • Keep all locations informed & aligned about production numbers, line statuses, sales goals, and other relevant information

Digital signage in manufacturing

Digital signage for


  • Reach your non-desk employees in
production facilities easily
  • Prevent accidents by displaying emergency alerts and public safety information for both employees and visitors.
  • Keep all locations informed & aligned about production numbers, line statuses, sales goals, and other relevant information

Digital signage for


  • Reach your non-desk employees in
production facilities easily
  • Amplify your message by sharing intranet content or custom updates on info screens easily to make sure your message reaches everyone
  • Keep all locations informed & aligned about production numbers, line statuses, sales goals, and other relevant information

Digital signage in logistics – case Rexel

Digital signage for


  • Reach frontline employees in staff rooms
  • Deliver essential news, updates, and content on company best practices
  • Ensure relevant and timely communication with targeted and automated content
  • Increase engagement by showcasing company culture and displaying achievements & social media feeds

Digital signage for

IT & Technology

  • Make sure your message gets through by sharing content from other app on office info screens – and embedding digital signage content into your other workplace tools
  • Visualize important data & KPIs for better transparency, and showcase company culture, display achievements, and social media feeds
  • Deliver personalized and hyperrelevant content to everyone, regardless of their location

Digital signage for

Health Care

  • Reduce dwell time, communicate with visitors in real-time, and guide guests to their destinations
  • Reduce waiting room anxiety with entertaining and informational content
  • Ease staff workload and save time with wayfinding, updates, and important notices
  • Acknowledge your important sponsors and partners and help them reach more of their audience

Valotalive Workplace

Digital Signage Use Cases

Digital signage for

Employee Communication

Office & Production Facility Displays: Reach both white-collar and blue-collar employees alike – regardless of their primary communication channel.

Digital signage for

Customer Communication

Lobby & Public Space Displays: Provide guidance, security information, and important updates to visitors and employees alike.

Digital signage for

Safety Communication

Preventive Health And Safety Communications: Keep everyone informed with highly relevant, preventive health and safety information, wayfinding, and Accident Free Days counters.

Digital signage for

Live Data Communication

Process, Procedure and KPIs: Keep your non-desk and front-line employees informed about production numbers, line statuses, and sales goals.

Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage Software

Benefits for Companies Who Know Employee Engagement Matters

Increased data transparency & employee engagement

Share critical business intelligence data or Power BI dashboards to make sure everyone’s got the most up-to-date information at hand.

Informed employees – better profitability & safety

Keep your office workers and non-desk workers alike informed about sales or production numbers, safety information, and other important information in real-time.

Personalize content to get the message through the noise

Avoid content overflow and make sure everyone stays informed by showing relevant content to relevant people in relevant places.

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“The real-time and transparent KPIs guide our operation in a positive direction. The biggest benefit in these visualized indicators has been that the company key targets are made visible to everyone.”

Jatta Pakkanen
Communication Officer, Neste
Neste Real Time KPIs

Improve your Employee Experience with Valotalive’s

Easy-to-use digital signage software

Automatically pull content from your favourite workplace apps and tools

Plug your existing workplace apps into Valotalive in just a few easy steps and start sharing content with no manual work. Connect with the tools that you use.

Valotalive app
Valotalive app

Easily create, automate, and manage playlists for each info screen

Automate content playlists and personalize content for each info tv screen separately, or share important content with everyone across all locations.

ATS reaches distributed non-desk workers without delay with digital signage

ATS logo

“Valotalive digital signage helps us reach our distributed workforce more efficiently than anything before this. We no longer need to use time for updating bulletin boards or customer reports manually. Valotalive does it for us.”

Holly Mosack
Director, Internal Communications
Advanced Technology Services (ATS)

Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage

Features & Integrations

Plug-and-play integrations with your favourite apps & tools

Valotalive digital signage integrates with the most common corporate apps and tools e.g. Yammer, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Qlik, Tableau, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Photos, social media channels, Slack, Jira, Accident-Free Days Counter… and more.

Valotalive in action
Valotalive in action

Works with most common platforms and systems

Valotalive workplace digital signage works with Chrome OS, Windows 10, Microsoft, and Google. These platforms provide fast and highly secure access to cloud-based tools, such as Valotalive.

Enterprise-level security & compliance

Enterprise-level compatible security, compliance, and user management.Valotalive offers in-built security and advanced admin roles across all subscriptions.

Single Sign-On (Valotalive SSO) with SAML 2.0

Increase security and simplify login. Activate SSO in Valotalive with…


Automated & targeted content playlists

Build targeted or generic content flows and communicate relevant information on selected screens. Weigh content according to importance.
Valotalive Flow is a unique “programmatic playlist”. It combines your content apps into a flow of information​.

Easy to add & automate content

Easily add content from internal and external apps and tools (e.g. slideshows, videos, images, intranet news, KPI dashboards, external websites, social media feeds, local weather or global/local news).

You don’t need IT’s help to get you started – for free

Valotalive Digital Signage is easy and quick to set up – you don’t need any previous IT experience to get started. To get started, all you need is a free Valotalive account and a regular laptop which allows you to see how your content flow would look like.

Just choose your favorite turnkey apps in the Valotalive directory, create your content flow and let the Valotalive automation do the heavy lifting. When you want to start delivering content, you’ll need a separate media player that will connect Valotalive service with your office info screen (you can use any existing display with an HDMI input, e.g. a meeting room screen).

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Valotalive in elevator
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“We found the service very easy to use and are benefiting from the integrations with Microsoft applications, such as Power BI as an example.”

Thomas Grüner
Project Manager, Logistics, Rexel

Award-Winning Workplace Digital Signage

Product Leader in Workplace
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Valotalive has been awarded for consecutive years in the Corporate Category

Enterprise health & safety (EHS) 
data visualization for Wärtsilä

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