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Customer Stories

Rexel Logo

“Rexel is using Valotalive digital signage software to Improve quality and employee communication in their distribution center in Germany.

We found the service very easy to use and are benefiting from the integrations with Microsoft applications, such as Power BI as an example.”

Thomas Grüner, Project Manager, Logistics

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“With 3,000 employees in over 100 facilities, Valotalive provides us with an easy-to-use platform to communicate with everyone. 

The integrations with Microsoft are key to us being able to share real-time data with our employees and customers.

The Valotalive team has been amazing with not only providing great support but also taking our feedback to make immediate improvements to the platform.” 

Holly Mosack – Director, Internal Communications


The real-time and transparent KPIs guide our operation in a positive direction.

The biggest benefit in these visualized indicators has been that the company key targets are made visible to everyone.”

Jatta Pakkanen, Communication Officer


“Keeping employees up-to-date and aligned in a global organization is a never-ending task.

Valotalive SaaS digital signage makes this much easier as you can focus on the communications instead of worrying about hardware or software.”

Amos Ahola, Director, Communications & Branding

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“Thanks to Valotalive cloud-based digital signage platform, we’re able to automatically pull content from different content & data sources without having to maintain multiple content systems ourselves. The Valotalive SaaS product develops fast, offering constantly cool new features and integrations. The personal customer support is great.”

Stefán Örn Viðarsson, IT Services

“Internal communication in retail is both demanding and highly important. Valotalive digital signage is a powerful communication tool to keep all employees engaged and updated during busy workdays. The modern platform allows us to automatically pull the content from the applications we use a lot such as Microsoft SharePoint and Teams. This automation saves a lot of time while offering a true multi-channel employee communication solution for our employees.”

Juha Parviainen, CIO

Verified Reviews

The customer feedback on Valotalive is constantly collected. All reviews are verified by Capterra, a Gartner company.


“Axjo is using Valotalive digital signage software to improve employee communication in our offices and manufacturing facilities. We are heavy users of many Valotalive integrations  – such as Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI – to display live data and up-to-date content. ”

Tommy Kvarnling


“The biggest advantage of Valotalive is the streamlining of our internal communication. We can now quickly inform the entire staff and target messages to specific target groups.

The biggest group to benefit is production employees being able to easily see topical news on our info screens.

Alongside sharing topical information, we’re using integrations to pull data to our info screens automatically. This helps the personnel get a clearer picture of what is happening in production.”


Communications Manager

Customer testimonial

“People, happiness, and engagement are now followed the same way as financial figures. 

We have received positive feedback for adding visibility for Officevibe scores with Valotalive.”

Read the case study here

Olli-Pekka Saksa

Vice President

“Overall shop floor communication has improved since production workers are now able to see a transparent, visual, real-time summary of production statuses, end customer information, and more.”

Timo Kyttä

Development Expert
Sustainable Technology Hub

customer story

“The workplace information displays provided by Valotalive are an integral part of our internal communication and occupational safety strategy execution.”​

Kati Kuoksa

Communications Manager

customer testimonial

“With simple sight, you can see if everything is looking good in your system or service, are all ok on customer support, are marketing on the right track, and is sales keeping up with the leads”

Pasi Örn

Marketing Automation Manager, Data Insights

A group of people in a construction site meeting
Hartela logo

“Information displays enhance our internal communication and workplace safety. Valotalive allows us to transmit information with uniform quality and at the same time, regardless of the location of the construction site.”

Kati Kuoksa, Communications Manager

maria 01

“Valotalive Native Integration with Slack has been a great visual addition to our multi-channel communication needs when we want to reach out to our 1300+ people community here at Maria 01.”

Tuomas Manninen, Chief Happiness Officer

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