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Run Valotalive on your Samsung Smart TVs

Valotalive’s award-winning digital signage software is now compatible with the Samsung Tizen OS. Samsung, renowned as one of the world’s largest display manufacturers, offers a wide range of TVs suitable for digital signage applications.

Valotalive has been designed from the ground up with workplace digital signage as our main focus. At its core, Valotalive is designed to automate content updates, leveraging our 30+ secure integrations with workplace tools from Microsoft & Google, and more.

How it works

Use independently, without the need for an additional computer

Samsung Smart displays have a built-in computer (SOC – System on Chip) making it possible for you to run Valotalive without needing additional hardware.

The displays are easy to activate. All you need to do is choose to run “custom app” and type in Valotalive’s URL there.

The supported versions for Samsung displays are Samsung Tizen 7 (Tizen Enterprise Platform) and Samsung Tizen 6.5 (SSSP 10) displays. Read more about the supported display models here.

Get Started with Valotalive Digital Signage for Samsung Tizen

Step 1: Create your free Valotalive digital signage account

To start sharing content with your Samsung TVs, you also need an active Valotalive digital signage software subscription. 

You can register by creating your free account here (no credit card needed).

Step 2: Activate your Samsung Display

Turn the display on, and choose your language, network settings, and basic setup.

Read more about the Basic Setup for Samsung display in our Help Center Article.

Step 3: Set up Valotalive as your app

Navigate to the custom app, and enter “Valotalive Tizen URL here”. Type in the Valotalive URL:

Once you have Valotalive running on your displays, you can pair the display with your Valotalive account.

Read more about pairing the display with your account in our Help Center Article

Microsoft Power BI data as seen on the Samsung Tizen SoC display

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