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My Content Channel is ideal for global & local content managers to keep your employees up to date

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Modern tool for Digital Signage Content Managers

Digital Signage content publishing has been made easy with My Content Channel. You can schedule your posts or publish content on the fly with the tool.

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My Content Channel Overview

✅ A modern content publishing tool for digital signage that enables you to publish your content on the go using your mobile or laptop.

✅ You can edit your content in an application you are familiar with and just publish with My Content Channel for maximized ease of use.

✅ My Content Channel makes content publishing easy, intuitive and fun. 

How does it work?

My Content Channel – Key features

✅ The new UX helps content publishers to manage global and local digital signage channels and post content with ease from any device.

✅ Advanced features for content managers such as scheduling, adjustable display time, channel categories, content theme customisation etc.

✅ English, German, Swedish and Finnish language options for My Content Channel users.

✅ Add multiple content managers free of charge

A service screenshot
A screenshot of the service

Installing My Content Channel to your desktop

Have My Content in your desktop

My Content Channel is a modern progressive web app that gives the user a native app-like feel. The new UX helps content publishers to manage digital signage channels and post content with ease from any device.

You can add My Content Channel to your home screen or dock in your laptop for easy access

My Content API

Connect Valotalive with your business applications using the My Content API.

My Content API makes it possible to programmatically upload content and post messages using My Content Channels.

Read more about My Content API

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Additional Service – My Content Embed

What is My Content Embed?

​My Content Embed is an additional service that extends your Workplace Digital Signage channels from a traditional workplace to remote locations.

The solution enables My Content channels to be embedded into any selected website, such as an intranet.

My Content Embed – Key features

✅ Show My Content channels on other communication platforms such as company intranet

✅ Users can easily discover, scroll and click on the posts

✅ There are two layouts available: list or grid view

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