Valotalive introduces a new way to make any info screen interactive with the Control app

Valotalive Control turns passive info screens into interactive displays with which recipients can interact using their mobile phone

How does Valotalive Control work?

Valotalive Control is a “remote control” for interacting with info screen content.

  • Valotalive admin users preload content to be available on info screens for recipients via Control app
  • Recipients can then temporarily take control of the info screen on their mobile device via QR-code
  • Valotalive Control works in a mobile browser without having to download anything first


“Interactive content on big screens has so far been custom, complex and costly. Enabling the use of your mobile device as a remote control removes the need for large touchscreens and tailored content.”

Amos Ahola, Wärtsilä Corporation
Valotalive Control early access launch video

Valotalive Control benefits and use cases

  • Use during the Shop Floor Meetings
  • Engage with customers and guests in offices, coworking spaces, lobbies, shops, shopping malls, public transportation, and more
  • Bring Customer Experience Centres alive by using large video walls to run a presentation or show video content to their guests
  • Make factory tours and production facility team updates smoothly by allowing switching between info screen content and user-selected content such as videos or presentations

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Easy to activate

How to activate Control App – 4 steps

  1. Activate your Control App in Valotalive
  2. Preload your content
  3. Add your Control App to your display
  4. Users can log in with their mobile phones and play selected content

Valotalive Control works in a mobile browser. There is no need for the users to download any additional applications beforehand.

Valotalive Control App Welcome screen as seen on the display

Play content on demand

Scan the QR code to log in. After logging in, you’ll be presented with a playlist—a curated selection of content pre-loaded into the service.

Select to either play a video or run your presentation, and switch between pages—all directly from your mobile phone.

Admin users of the digital signage service have the authority to manage this pre-loaded content.

Read more from Valotalive Help Center.