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“What email? I didn’t see any email.”

Let’s face it: internal communications is hard, especially if employees are distributed across multiple locations or facilities or working from home. 

It can be extremely hard to cut through the noise — and unfortunately, misalignment often results in unhappy, disengaged, and unproductive employees.

Benefits of Corporate Digital Signage: Increased Engagement, Better Productivity

Employee engagement drives growth. Companies with an engaged workforce are 21% more profitable (Gallup’s Analysis), and companies with effective communication are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their peers (Change and communication ROI study by Willis Towers Wattson).

With a recall rate of over 80%, a digital signage system is one of the most efficient ways to improve your company’s internal communication strategy — regardless of your main communication channels.

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When Email or Intranet Is Not Enough: Amplify Your Workplace Communications with Digital Signage

When email or Intranet is not enough, an internal office or factory floor signage solution like Valotalive can help you deliver a targeted message in front of the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

You can install digital displays with Valotalive digital signage anywhere you need to reach your employees – break rooms, hallways, conference rooms, building entrances, factory floors, and more – and simply plug your existing communications channels into it.

Industries & Use Cases

Valotalive corporate digital signage software enables more effective workplace communications — regardless of if it’s your primary communications channel or a means to amplify the message distributed through other channels — and increases data transparency across different teams and locations.

Digital Signage for Manufacturing & Factory Floors: Boost Safety and Internal Communication

In manufacturing, digital signage is typically the best and only way to reach factory floor employees reliably.

Connect your frontline and non-desk employees, showcase production numbers, line statuses, sales goals, and other factory-related production information to maintain strong communication across factories and remote worksites.

Display emergency alerts and public safety information to prevent dangerous accidents.

Digital Signage for Retail & Staff Rooms: Keep Employees Informed, Aligned, and Productive

In retail, digital signage is typically the best and only way to reach front-line employees reliably.

Use the best digital signage software from Valotalive to keep front-line retail employees motivated and prepared to offer the best customer experience.

Ensure everyone stays on the same page by delivering targeted messages to staff rooms across the world with digital info screens and targeted and automated content.

Digital Signage for IT & Office Workers: Improve Employee Engagement, and Morale

In offices, digital signage helps amplify your message, communicate across all locations, display important information or meeting times, and deliver essential news and updates.

Visualize important data & KPIs for better transparency, and showcase company culture, display achievements, and social media feeds.

Deliver content on company best practices and updates to office workers anywhere around the globe with digital signage tools from Valotalive.

Features & Integrations

Plug-and-Play Integrations

Integrates with most common corporate apps and tools (e.g. Yammer, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Qlik, Tableau, Google Slides, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Photos, social media channels, Slack, Jira, Accident Free Days Counter, and more. 

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Works With Most Common Platforms

Works with the most common corporate platforms you’re already using: Chrome OS, Windows 10, Microsoft, and Google.

Simply select Valotalive Chrome Extension as your kiosk app, and you’re good to go.

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Enterprise-Level Security & Compliance

Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and user management.

Valotalive offers in-built
security and advanced admin roles across all subscriptions.

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Automated & Targeted Content Playlists

Build targeted or generic content flows and display relevant information on selected screens, weigh content according to importance, and start delivering.

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Easy to Add & Automate Content

Easily add content from internal and external apps and tools (e.g. slideshows, videos, images, RSS news feeds, dashboards, external websites, or social media feeds).

Easy to Set Up and Get Started for Free

Valotalive Digital Signage is easy and quick to set up – you don’t need any previous IT experience to get started. A 14-day free trial is perfect for testing different content flows with (no CC needed).

Sign Up for Free and Start Improving Your Internal Communications Today

With Valotalive’s fully customizable workplace digital signage software, companies of all sizes can get started quickly and automate and schedule content of their choice already today.

To get started, all you need is a free Valotalive account and a regular laptop which allows you to see how your content flow would look like. Just choose your favourite turnkey apps in the Valotalive directory, create your content flow and let the Valotalive automation do the heavy lifting.

When you want to start delivering content, you’ll need a separate media player that will connect Valotalive service with your office info screen (you can use any existing display with an HDMI input, e.g. a meeting room screen).

We have customer info screens live in 50+ countries from the manufacturing, energy, IT, Finance and construction industries. Read more about our customer stories.

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“The real time and transparent KPIs guide our operation into a positive direction.”

Jatta Pakkanen, Communication officer


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