(Video) Rexel goes data-driven with Power BI & Valotalive digital signage software

In this fireside chat video (below) Thomas Grüner from Rexel explains their process, benefits and experience from using Valotalive digital signage software

Rexel is a global multichannel distributor for electrical supplies. The company is transitioning to become data-driven in its operations . 

Rexel had had a digital signage solution in their operational facility for some time. The challenge was that this solution displayed operational data from the day before, not presenting real-time information. It was also manually updated due to the lack of integration capabilities. 

Thomas and their team setup more displays throughout the logistic distribution center that show live presentations straight from Power BI Reports using Valotalive. The live reports on the Valotalive displays increases productivity and operational efficiency and resulted to happier employees.

Here is the video where Kaijus and Thomas are chatting about Rexel’s experience from Valotalive.

Thomas & Kaijus having a chat

There is also the longer, full video, to watch here. In this longer video Thomas explains their challenge, process and experience in more detail.

Here are some key takeaways from the longer video:

The challenge and the old solution

Thomas and the Rexel team wanted to bring live information to their warehouse operations. They had a solution that displayed the status of the day before. They were missing live information and status. The solution was also hard to maintain and laborious to update.

“Because we just presented some powerpoint presentations or so on. We invested in screens which were really  expensive. We had a system in the background which was hosted on premise, uh very hard to integrate  with security reasons and so on. It was quite a high investment, but we never really found a solution to get our data in there.”, says Thomas.

Rexel was looking for a solution that would automatically display live data by integrating with Power BI. 

Eventually they got in touch with Valotalive.

How Rexel uses Valotalive

With Valotaliev Rexel displays live Power BI Reports in the logistics, relevant data in sales and general employee communication for all employees around the facilities.

Thomas Grüner:

“Some examples we have like live analyzers in our distribution center control towers. So where our operators, super users for our warehouse management systems  are sitting and they need information. 

What we do there for sure, we have information within our warehouse management system, but on different screens sometimes. And sometimes we also need information from our ERP system or different office systems like TMS systems. So that’s what we want to combine. So that’s what we have managed here. 

We created the Power BI screen.  We have a big screen in our control tower where  we see live data. For instance how many open retentions do we have, where do we have errors like on box calculations, or in the areas we need  more operators because the workload is quite high.”

Increase in productivity, operational efficiency and happier employees

Just to have the possibility to show live data and employee communications has had an impact on itself. The operators are happy to see live data. This makes the daily operations easier for them.

Thomas Grüner:

“They don’t need to look in different systems and don’t need to open their report manually on their computer or they need a second  screen to see their live report. They just have it on a big screen somewhere in the warehouse.”

Also  when they walk through the warehouse they see the reports there. And this absolutely will have or  has had an effect in our daily productivity, in our quality for our customers. So, that was  the biggest effect from that point of view.  

And then, also for internal communications  it makes it also much more easier, especially in that pandemic situation, where we had every  second week or so on different regulations,  how to wear a mask, and all that stuff,  presenting videos. So it made it much easier to present information to our operators.”

Integrate Power BI with Digital Signage

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