4 Benefits of Sharing Transparent Data at Work (+ How to Do It)

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Collecting data is the easy part. After you store, analyze, and process your business data, you still need to get the right insights to each team member so they can act.

Otherwise, data gets stale and outdated – then it’s useless to everyone. 

That could be why, despite all the business intelligence data at our fingertips today, 60% of employees spend most of their time “working on work.” 

What does “working on work” entail? Talking, planning, sharing information, and reading things they need to start actual work.

Over half of employees at any organization spend more than half their day figuring out how to get the data and insights they need to carry out their job – the opposite of efficiency.

Fortunately, digital signage makes data transparency at work seamless. 

4 Incredible Reasons to Prioritize Data Transparency at Work with Digital Signage

Wonderful things happen when you use digital signage to get accurate data in the hands of everyone who needs it. 

Best of all, digital signage solves data transparency problems across all workplaces: remote, on-site, and hybrid. 

1. Accelerate Informed Decision Making with Accurate Data

If you’re like most businesses, your team departments struggle to make informed decisions due to siloed data. Data ends up compartmentalized within each department instead of accessible through a single location.

No one has access to the best insights when this happens. Customer service and sales departments make embarrassing mistakes. Marketing runs ineffective campaigns.

Data transparency at work means breaking down these siloes and streamlining data into one location. From there, each department can access the reports and information they need to make informed decisions. 

2. Make Sure Everyone Knows the Current Targets

You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it looks like. Unfortunately, that’s how employees at many organizations operate, usually through no fault of their own.

By sharing transparent data on short-term goals, metrics to track them, and progress, everyone can see the bigger picture through instant digital signage. 

Everyone will know how to measure broad progress without talking, waiting, and reading about it half the day.

3. Show Each Team Member Which Role They Play

On a micro-level, every team member also needs to know how their work fits into the department’s goals and the organization’s growth. 

Transparent data on their screen allows them to work proactively with an individual set of KPIs to judge their progress – much better than hearing about shortcomings later.

4. Prevent Costly Miscommunication, Mistakes, and Hostility 

No one can focus on the bottom line when everyone’s caught up in mistakes from miscommunications. 

Sharing transparent data through digital signage encourages healthy communication across the team and unity.

There’s no need to point fingers, blame departments, and build hostility because everyone will have the data they need on their screen – no questions asked.

One Digital Signage Platform for Full Data Transparency 

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