4 Ideas to Improve Modern Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

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Although automation has improved manufacturing workplace safety in countless ways, serious hazards still exist.

In fact, COVID-19, chemicals, and increased electricity all create dire hazards of their own.

Several businesses in the US and abroad, many in manufacturing, face hefty fines for violating COVID-19 safety regulations and putting workers at risk.

While employers remain responsible for most workplace accident prevention, other precautions fall on workers themselves. 

How to Improve Workplace Safety in Manufacturing

You can prevent several would-be accidents simply by prioritizing communication. Simply reminding everyone of protocols, new hazards, and best practices can go a long way.

1. Use Digital Signage to Communicate Safety Metrics and Hazards

Slippery floors, chemical spills, broken machines, live wires – potentially deadly hazards can arise at a moment’s notice.

Without an efficient system, many workers may not even realize they need to beware of such hazards.

Digital signage ensures everyone’s on the same page with engaging displays and apps. Notify workers immediately and keep them posted on the hazard until it’s fixed.

Likewise, digital signage can also update people on accident-related metrics in your industry and accidents at your workplace so everyone feels like they’re part of the solution.

2. Find Interesting Ways to Promote Proper PPE

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is a slippery slope. After an accident, everyone might remember to stick to proper PPE. But as the days grow farther from the accident, people get more lenient.

PPE only works if everyone uses it correctly.

App notifications and workplace digital displays can remind everyone of what proper PPE looks like with engaging diagrams and photos.

3. Encourage Frequent Breaks

Fatigue and burnout directly contribute to workplace accidents in several ways.

For example, people who sleep less than seven hours a night are more likely to suffer a car accident – even if they don’t feel drowsy.

Repetitive motions at work can also lead to stiffness and fatigue which can cause accidents in certain situations.

Use digital signage at work to create a culture that prioritizes employee wellbeing. Remind everyone to take their breaks and use their time off to recharge.

4. Keep Everyone Updated with Workplace Safety and Cleaning Checklists

Sadly, many of the worst workplace disasters in modern history weren’t freak accidents and could have been avoided.

Create a concise and actionable safety checklist. Concise is key here. You want everyone to remember it.

Use digital signage and other tools to remind everyone of this checklist and any department-specific safety checklists as well.

A clean workplace is a safe workplace as well. Hold everyone accountable for keeping their workspace clear of debris and clutter.

Prioritize Communication to Keep the Workplace Safe

Workers already have so much to worry about. It’s so easy for proper PPE and safety protocols to take a backseat when productivity and efficiency are the top priorities.

That’s why it’s so important to create a culture of safety by encouraging breaks, saying “no” when needed, and promoting relevant workplace safety protocols.

Keep your manufacturing workplace safe with Valotalive’s digital signage and Accident-Free Days Counter, whether they’re all on the factory floor or on-site. 

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