Valotalive Multiview creates stunning digital signage experience

Create stunning and informative displays using multiple zones on your digital signage enabled by Valotalive Multiview

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Display multiple dynamic content apps at a time with Valotalive Multiview

Key Features of the Valotalive Multiview app include:

  • Utilize up to six content apps simultaneously in a dynamic view, enhancing your visual presentations
  • Combine single-view apps with Multiview to create displays that capture attention
  • Use any Valotalive app in Multiview – flexibility and a diverse range of content options.
  • Choose from default themes or create your own to match the company brand

Great for Digital Shop Floor Boards

Use Multiview to offer a comprehensive overview of production activities in the production line.

Design a display that seamlessly integrates information from diverse data sources, such as

  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • Accident-Free Days Counter
  • SharePoint … and much more!

Use the Multiview App to put everything together

After successfully activating your apps in Valotalive, the next step is to bring everything together.

  • Locate the Multiview app in Valotalive
  • Select the correct layout – allowing you to display three, four, or more apps simultaneously on the screen
  • Add your content apps in the Multiview, save and you are done!
  • Pro Tip! Add multiple Multiview apps to your display and enjoy the convenience of different layouts for all your on-screen needs

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