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Reach all employees, including non-desk workers

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Valotalive + SharePoint

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SharePoint News on Digital Signage

Valotalive integrates with SharePoint so you can easily highlight and broadcast your latest news posts in SharePoint with digital signage across your organization.

Engage employees with dynamic content updates on corporate TVs.

Reach all employees

Reach all employee groups, including those at production facilities.

Stand out from the crowd

Make sure busy office workers note the daily messages

Go multichannel

Combine push and pull channels in a smart way

Do more with less

Post your news once and display it where the employees will see it

Valotalive – SharePoint Online Main Features:

Activate your app in Valotalive with a few clicks and adjust the settings according to your preferences.

Activate as many SharePoint apps you like to follow news from multiple sites.

News post with image, title and paragraph on a display
SharePoint News Post on a TV

Displays News Posts & Blogs

Automatically broadcast the latest News Posts or Blogs on your digital signage displays.

Secure Authentication

Authenticate Valotalive securely with SharePoint using Azure AD credentials.

Choose the site

Follow the news posts from a selected site. Easy drop down menu to choose from.

Set the amount of posts to follow

Display one post at a time. Choose the amount of latest posts to scroll on the display.

Support for images

Tune your posts with images. Stock images and uploaded images supported.

calendar icon

Post Date

Display the date the post was published. Select the country locale for date formatting.

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