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Stock Beat in Short

Valotalive’s Stock Beat app makes it possible to display live feed of stock data on digital signage displays.

Mix your stock information data with daily communications or keep it front and visible throughout the day. The app is easy to activate in Valotalive and you can tune your experience with the drop down menu settings.

Stock Beat displaying yearly data
Display data of one or multiple stocks – up to six stocks at ones

Add stock data to a display as an individual application or as part of the Flow.

You can display information on one stock or up to six stocks at ones.

In this image we are looking at a monthly view. This can be changed in app settings with a few clicks.

It is easy to theme your view with company colors and brand or you can use the default theme coming with the app.

Stock Beat Main Features

Choose your stock

Choose the stock or index to follow from the drop down menu

Choose the period

Current or latest trading day, week, month, year or year to date

Theme your stock data

Choose a theme or customise one with your branding

Do more with less

Enjoy the benefit of automated data updates

Current information – automated updates

Stay relevant and engage teams with current information.

Take it easy and do more with less – automated updates with live data keep your screens fresh without any work from you.

Valotalive's Stock Beat app displaying stock data on digital signage display. This is a monthly view.
A monthly view of the stock data

How does it work

Watch the video to learn how to activate the Stock Beat app in Valotalive:

  1. Locate the app in Valotalive App Directory
  2. Name your app
  3. Use Yahoo Finance stock symbols to locate and choose your stock in app settings
  4. Save and assign your app to a display or Flow