SURVEY: Top 3 Employee Comms Challenges in Manufacturing (+ How to Fix Them)

We asked our customers in the manufacturing industry what are some of the key challenges they face when it comes to internal communication.

Top 3 internal comms challenges for large manufacturing companies


1. How to reach employees effectively in a multi-site environment

Manufacturing companies have realized that to get the message through, communication needs to be timely and relevant for the recipient – and preferably also received where the information is used.

Many traditional ways of communication like team meetings or intranet updates fail to achieve this: by the time data is being presented, it’s already obsolete.

With digital signage, you can pull almost any data directly from your existing workplace tools (like Power BI or Excel) in real time, and add additional filters to make it even more digestible for the audience.

Valotalive also lets you easily target your communication based on things like team membership, geographic location, customer, or even a specific info screen.

2. How to engage with busy non-desk employees in an environment where “information overload” is the new normal

Connecting with non-desk workers has always been a challenge for internal communicators. They’re too busy with their work to care about our fancy employee engagement tools, engagement surveys, email newsletters, and corporate news on the intranet.

Bottom line: If it’s online, they probably haven’t seen it. They’re simply too focused on making your business run smoothly.

An easy way to fix this is to cut through the noise with hyper-relevant communication on digital signage screens located in places where non-desk workers…

  • NEED specific information (e.g., real-time production line data and daily targets right next to the workstation) or,
  • CAN’T AVOID seeing it (e.g., important corporate news in break rooms and close to regular paths of travel).

For this to happen, you need to first create a simple digital signage content strategy.

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3. How to align non-desk & office workers

Both groups need access to business and production data but they have slightly different informational needs, so communication needs to be planned separately. (This is where the previously mentioned content strategy comes into play.)

In offices, displaying carefully curated digital signage content on screens in areas where they spend time regularly (e.g., break rooms, lounges, regular paths of travel) can truly make a difference. Pro tip: Make sure the same curated content is available online for remote workers.


Digital Signage display in manufacturing with live KPIs


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