Total team alignment occurs when the entire workplace shares a common company vision and works together to achieve the same goals. It is not just a matter of employees agreeing on things – it also takes a company’s history and mission into account. Basically, team alignment suggests that everybody in a company is on the same page.

Even when employees seem to share the same common goals, the question for any company remains – how can we improve team alignment so that everyone works toward the same mission and performance objectives?

Achieving this requires that all employees have the necessary information to participate fully, which places a premium on communication within the workplace. One of the most effective means of one-to-many communication in the workplace is through digital signage.

Collaborative Culture Through Digital Signage

Digital signage can make workers feel well-informed about company objectives and produce a more collaborative culture within the workplace.

Studies reveal that 86% of all employees surveyed declare poor communication within a company to be one of the highest contributing factors to workplace failure. Digital signage can communicate current company developments and relevant notifications in unique and modern ways that garner employee attention.

The more relevant information businesses provide their employees, the more they will acknowledge their participation in the company’s success.

Boost team alignment and increase transparency with digital signage

Why Digital Signage Cultivates Team Alignment

Visual reminders of company OKRs, KPIs, and other vital metrics positioned throughout the workplace will reinforce each individual’s responsibility and drive both office and non-desk employee performance.

1. Workplace Digital Communications Democratizes Information

A successful digital internal communications strategy will not only be purpose-driven but will decentralize data silos and provide transparency.

Digital kiosks and wall displays can distribute – to all employees – company metrics from data silos that were only accessible to executive management or specified teams. This transparency will emphasize the contribution each employee makes to the overall success of team alignment.

2. Digital Signage Promotes Brand Awareness In-House

Just as businesses promote brand awareness through digital advertisement, companies can perform a similar feat with internal digital signage. There is no better venue to promote a company’s culture than within the company itself.

In-house digital signage can keep a company’s new campaigns and new products first and foremost in the minds of employees.

3. Digital Signage Has Greater Visibility than Other Internal Communications

Studies show that adding visuals to information can increase the recall value up to 65%. Additionally, according to a research, viewers retain 95% of the information when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text. Which means it can be possible to engage an employee better through a digital display than through an email ?.

Targeted Digital Signage for Internal Communications

A significant feature of in-house digital communication is that you can update it frequently. The digital administrator can easily remove out-of-date messages and replace them with something current, including:

  • HR notifications
  • Product updates
  • Personalized welcome and onboarding announcements
  • Survey results
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual forecasts
  • Customer social media comments
  • Employee suggestions
  • Health and safety guidelines/suggestions
  • Training/meeting schedules
  • Employee recognition
  • Company events

Digital posts can also intersperse sports scores, news headlines, and trivia quizzes between company announcements.

Incorporating Digital Signage Streamlines Workplace Communication

A well-informed team makes a well-integrated team. There is no better way to keep your team up to date than with the streamlined possibilities of an internal communications strategy incorporating targeted digital signage, like Wärtsilä does it.

If you are ready to explore a new world of visual communication, start your FREE trial with Valotalive. Experience how you can boost team alignment with digital signage.

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