How to improve workplace safety with data driven info screens?

We have attended global projects where the aim has been to communicate information that drives action regarding workplace safety. We are sharing some of the learned best practices and key findings in this blog.

“The biggest benefit, of course, has been that the metrics are made visible to everyone. Reliability of data and the impact of reporting on work and performance has gained a new meaning.

– Jatta Pakkanen, Communication Officer at Neste – The World’s leading supplier of renewable diesel

Further customer comments can be found later in this blog.

The Challenge

Safety professionals are constantly looking for ways to maintain and improve a safe workplace for employees. 

More and more data is being used to drive decisions in implementing new proactive ways to prevent injuries.

Tracking, investigating and managing safety processes is a demanding and challenging job. While working close with our customers, we have identified some of the top challenges as follows:

  1. How to track & measure near misses and employee injuries -> how to make sure the records are updated on a constant basis?

  2. How to engage and communicate near miss and injury information to employees and other relevant stakeholders?

Safety communication is a critical part of the process. Unless the insights and findings are not communicated to employees, the proposed changes and corrective actions on operational level will not be implemented.

Strengthen workplace safety with data driven Info Screens

Read more about Valotalive for production facilities here. Companies are implementing Safety Management solutions to measure injuries, accidents and overall safety success.

In many cases the thing is that the main key stakeholders, the blue collar workers, do not have personal workstations or laptops and a daily access to the digital safety records and insights.

So how to communicate and engage with the key stakeholder group?

Safety communication with digital signage

You can use dynamic data and visualizations of Enterprise Health & Safety records to increase overall awareness about the strategic initiative. Many companies display the latest KPI for accident free days to remind about the good progress.

Accident Free Days Counter

Communicate information that drives action

Showing the global and local injury levels work as reminders about the importance of the safety culture.

Here’s how:

Setup dynamic Info screens around the manufacturing sites into the locations where they can be seen well and can replace the old notice and bulletin boards.

Go globally local

Connect your Digital Signage with the Safety Management data to visualize live data of the safety records throughout your organization. This increases data transparency within the organization regarding Safety.

The Results

With live safety KPI data on Info Screens in the production facilities manufacturing companies state they have seen the following results:

  • Reduced downtime in production lines reduced absence from work

  • Improved health & safety records

  • Improved employee satisfaction

  • Improved productivity & cost savings from manual process in updating Workplace safety data

“The up to date KPIs enhance and guide the operations. This increases the meaning of workplace security in the company.

With the help of the indicators, we want to show that the results are monitored in an up-to-date and transparent manner throughout the company and are expected to guide the operations into a positive direction.”

– Jatta Pakkanen, Communication Officer at Neste – The World’s leading supplier of renewable diesel

The common target for the enterprises in manufacturing is to achieve zero lost time injuries. To strengthen the safety culture requires action from all employees.

To increase the awareness around safety and to drive action, live data visualizations running safety records on global info screen is an increasing important asset in the safety communication toolkit.

Digital Signage for Manufacturing settings

Learn how communicate data driven safety dashboards and live KPIs in manufacturing settings. Valotalive has designed the digital signage service for production facilities communication.

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