Valotalive Year 2021 in review

While we are welcoming the year 2022, I’d like to highlight some events from the year 2021. 

Valotalive is growing globally and has customers from the USA to New Zealand. Based on our experience we can say that digital signage plays an increasingly important part in employee communication and engagement around the world. We are talking about corporate communication and employee engagement, production facility communication and health and safety. 

Executive teams and business line managers are looking into the opportunities of repurposing content and data from business systems to digital signage displays to drive employee engagement and data transparency.

Some Features and the new stuff from 2021

Digital Signage Displays in Wärtsilä’s lobby

As always, during 2021, we have done a lot of work and made some exceptional developments to the product while taking great care of our dear customers.

During the year 2021 we have developed:

  • MS Excel Integration
  • MS Teams Integration
  • Microsoft Power BI Reports v2 with support for Workspaces and Apps
  • WebSocket technology for Real Time Digital Signage
  • Redesigned UI
  • MS SharePoint v2 
  • KPI Exception Indicators based on Google Sheets data integration
  • Twitter Global Pulse
  • Accident Free Days Counter
  • … and more

Be sure to check out our comprehensive list of What’s New in Valotalive

Let me break down three of the items from this, already shortened, list of features. 👇🏻

WebSocket for Real Time Digital Signage

We have developed the readiness for WebSocket. The roll-out is on the go. 

This is an important development as the WebSocket enables real time communication ⚡️ between Valotalive cloud and displays. Customers will have a better user experience. At the same time WebSocket is the foundation for future development. 

Read more about the WebSockets and the benefits of the technology

New Integrations to MS O365 cloud – Excel and Teams

We are adding new integrations to the Microsoft cloud. The latest examples of suchs applications are Microsoft and Excel. 

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is a big thing today, chat, videos, collaboration… all in one place. Valotalive’s New Teams app makes it possible to automatically show the main messages from a selected Teams channel on your Digital Displays. 

Microsoft Excel Integration

It is easy to say that Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software in the business.

You can now securely connect your Digital Signage displays with Microsoft Excel to display live metrics and visualisations across organisations.

Accident Free Days Counter

Accident Free Days Counter on digital signage

This value add service has been designed especially for the Manufacturing industry. With the help of the Accident Free Days counter application in Valotalive, Customers can automatically count and display the number of accident free days at the production facility’s digital screens.

The application can be managed using the mobile phone or laptop. The managers can easily see over a fleet of counters on multiple screens. Read more about the Accident Free Days app here.


We are proud to be nominated as a Finalist in the global Digital Signage Awards 2022. Thank you Wärtsilä and all our customers for your continuous support and collaboration 🙏🏻

We are expecting accelerated growth 🔥 for Valotalive during the year 2022. Business outlook is great as there are multiple interesting events on the horizon and items in the product road map.

In the midst of the hybrid work, companies align their organization with visual real-time information, as a way to increase productivity and to empower employees to have stronger engagement. 

We have dedicated ourselves to supporting this trend and will keep on building new integrations, new applications and support new platforms. So stay tuned for 2022!

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