How to Use Teams with Digital Signage – Ultimate Guide

This is your ultimate guide to display Teams messages on office screens using Valotalive digital signage software. We’ll guide you through the basics of Teams and digital signage and give you a step by step guide how to activate the Teams app in Valotalive. In addition to that you’ll also find some actionable best practice tips when using Teams with digital signage.

In this article we are going to cover:

  1. What is Microsoft Teams
  2. What is Valotalive Digital Signage Software
  3. Using Teams with Digital Signage
  4. Setting up Teams – Digital Signage integration
  5. Best practices for using Teams with Digital Signage

Let’s dive right in. 👇🏻

Microsoft Teams introduction

Microsoft Teams

Teams, launched in 2016, is a chat-based collaboration application that helps team members and teams stay connected and organized. The application includes features like document sharing and online meetings with other features used for business communication.

Team members can create a shared workspace in Teams, schedule video conference meetings, share files and collaborate with chat and more. 

As you are reading this, there are good chances that you are already familiar with Teams already. So we’ll move on to the next topic. What is digital signage and how to show teams announcements on it?

What is Digital Signage? 

enterprise using digital signage
Digital Signage Display in the office – Live KPI visualization

With digital signage you can share weekly goals, progress, and celebrate the wins on digital displays around the workplace

Businesses use digital signage to keep everyone organized and united around common goals. 

Digital Signage Software – Valotalive

Valotalive Dashboard

Digital signage software from Valotalive is a content management and integration tool (cloud service). The service is used for controlling a network of displays and the content on them. 

Valotalive integrates with the most commonly used business applications to automatically pull live content and updates.

An example of such applications is Teams. You can show announcements and messages in selected Teams channels automatically in office and production floor TVs.

Digital Signage Display

Digital signage display is the physical screen that shows your content at the selected locations. Full HD or 4K displays are available in multiple different sizes. What is needed is the standard HDMI input. The standard 16:9 aspect ratio is highly recommended.

Digital Signage media player

media player

A media player is a small computer that is connected to the display using HDMI cable and to the network either using LAN or Wifi. The mediaplayer connects the display with your Digital Signage software and account, making it possible to target content to different display groups and even individual displays.

How Companies use Teams with Digital Signage?

Extend the reach of communication

Communication is critical for keeping your team informed and productive around common goals. Digital signage can boost employee communication and reach across the entire team—no matter where they work.

Businesses choose to display selected Microsoft Teams channel on digital signage screens to cut through the clutter and make sure everyone’s always informed, not the least the non-desk workers.

Increase productivity and automate the communication processes

Integrating Digital Signage with Teams helps to automate internal communication processes. Communication managers can post once in Teams and display the message in multiple channels, such as laptops, mobile phones and digital signage displays to make sure all employees are well reached. 

Teams view in laptop and teams digital signage view
Extend the reach of Teams messaging with Digital Signage

How to set up Teams – Valotalive Digital Signage integration?

Step 1 Activate Teams account

Make sure you have a valid Teams account. Check that you have access to at least one Team and one channel in that team.

Step 2 Activate Valotalive account 

Make sure you have a valid Valotalive Digital Signage software account. If you do not have an account already, you can test Valotalive today as a FREE trial is provided for you.

3 Activate your Digital Signage Display

Make sure you have an active display in your Valotalive account. 

You may test Valotalive and the Teams integration using your laptop during the free trial.  To test this, activate Valotalive My Display (Chrome Extension) as shown in this video.

Once you have activated your account you will be taken to Valotalive main page. Here you can do many things, but most of all you can find your Teams icon there.

Later on you will need a media player that will connect Valotalive service with your office display. You may use any existing display with an HDMI input. You have some options to go forward to purchase a media player:

  • Option I You can order the preconfigured, ready-to-go devices straight from Valotalive.
  • Option II You can run Valotalive on your own media player with Windows 10.

4 Activate Your Teams app in Valotalive

Valotalive screenshot

You can customize your settings in Valotalive using different applications that connect you with your favorite business systems. In this case we’ll activate the Teams app.

Locate the Teams app icon in the Hexagon, as shown in the image, and click that.

After that, confirm that you’d like to activate Teams app by clicking the “choose this app” button.

5. Authenticate and set your app preferences

Secure Authentication

Valotalive supports Microsoft Azure AD authentication to enable the best possible level of security for you. 

Enter your Microsoft account credentials to go forward. After a successful authentication you will be then taken back to Valotalive.

Microsoft Authentication
Choose your team and channel to follow

Choose your team and channel that you would like to display on digital signage. 

The screens will display all automatically posts, but not threads or replies, based on this setting. This is a great way to make your messages visible throughout the company.

Teams app in Valotalive – Team and Channel settings

You can also input (optional) call to action text, that will be shown on digital signage displays. Some customers encourage viewers to take action with “Read more in Teams” type of call to action.

Remember to save your settings and your app is ready to go!

6 Assign your app to the displays

You can now assign your app to a display. Open “Displays”, click your display to open its settings and click “Add an App”

If you would like to target Teams content to a group of displays, or multiple groups even, we recommend assigning the app to a Flow. You can watch further instructions in this video how to work with the Flow.

Best Practices for Using Teams with Digital Signage

Now that you are all set, let’s cover a few of our best practice tips for using Teams on Digital Screens in the workplace. These tips help you to create posts and updates that look good on digital signage.

Follow these four best practices to succeed with Teams on Digital Signage.

1 Pick the right Channel to follow

Follow a channel that you might use for regular announcements. It might not be a good idea to follow a channel for the team wide daily dialogue.

Instead of this, one option is to create a separate channel in Teams for company or team specific updates and post relevant content in this channel.

2 Use Titles in your posts

We encourage you to use titles when crafting the message in Teams, keeping digital signage in mind as well.

Title 2 or Title 3 are the ones that work well on digital signage displays. They are well visible, but at the same time are not taking too much space on the screens.

Adding titles in Teams posts

3 Add media files as attachments

Valotalive Teams integrations supports media files, when the file is included in the post as attachments. You may use images (.jpeg .jpg .gif ja .png) and video files (.mp4). Valotalive will play the video in its length on screens when there is one in the post.

Adding an attachment in Teams post

Consider using a call to action

Guide your audience to take action based on your messages. Add a call to action in your post. It is also possible to include a generic call to action in Valotalive Teams app. This will be visible in all Teams posts on Digital Signage.

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