5 Cool Digital Signage Ideas that Your Company is Not Doing Yet

Company news, business data, and social media feeds. If you’re using digital signage, chances are you’re displaying all those on your info screens. Which is great – you’re off to a good start.

Very few companies, however, are actually making the most of their digital signage solution.

If you’re looking to improve your internal communications and employee engagement, consider these five cool use cases for digital signage service to make your workplace stand out from the crowd.

1. Highlight Team Collaboration Messaging on Digital Signage displays

Are you looking for new ways to improve the reach of your Slack or Microsoft Teams messages? Valotalive enables organisations to combine collaboration tools with Digital Signage displays to make sure your teams stay informed and up to date. 

TIP: Activate a separate Digital Signage App for a specific Slack or Teams channel. In case you’d like to display certain announcements that are just for the office displays, you can activate a private channel  just for digital signage usage.

Integrate your office TVs with Teams or Slack to keep employees up to date

2. Personalized Content Channels in Lobbies to Welcome VIPs

Make customers or key accounts feel at home as soon as they enter your waiting area or lobby with personalized welcome messages. Include digital signage apps like My Content Channel to send a warm message about your organization’s latest announcements, performance and brand messaging  simultaneously. Schedule the content to go out at the specific time they’re planned to arrive, or publish your content on the go.

TIP: You can easily customize specific messages for each screen, if needed.

Valotlive Wärtsilä
Personalised welcome messages in the lobby make visitors feel at home

3. Connect Digital Signage with Your Instagram to Boost your Company Brand

Automate your corporate Instagram account to Valotalive digital signage solutions around the workplace. Use posts  from Instagram to boost global reach across Instagram and back up the transparency of your metrics or insights. Sit back and enjoy as you watch the engagement climb across your digital signage content solution.

Boost your company brand with Instagram posts on digital signage displays

4. Event Countdown Timers to boost engagement 

Have a big (or casual) company event coming up this week? Include an event countdown timer to your Valotalive digital signage solutions. Everyone can watch the days climb down as the time ticks by. Consider including photos from a previous get-together. 

Incorporate event details with Facebook or social media apps to pull the date, RSVP list, discussions, and more.

5. Keep Remote Teams Unified with Valotalive Virtual Display

Valotalive Virtual Display solution is ideal for hybrid and remote teams. You can stream internal communication messages to physical and virtual displays across your organization – keep your onsite and remote employees informed no matter where they might be. 

TIP: Valotalive Virtual Display provides a display link (URL) to a specific display. This link can be used in company web sites i.e to embed display into intranet. 

Virtual Display is an ideal communication tool for hybrid and remote teams

Integrate Valotalive Digital Signage Solution in Your Modern Workplace Today. Learn more about the Business Benefits of Digital Signage.

Valotalive seamlessly integrates with most tools your company already uses, like Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Google Sheets, Slack, Google Slides, and Microsoft Power BI. Find your favourite digital signage content in the app directory and check back for more as it grows.

Create your custom digital signage solution and send a targeted message to each screen – no matter where.

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