5 Fresh Ideas to Make the Workplace Fun with Digital Signage

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Communication is critical for keeping your team informed and productive around common goals. 

However, many fail to acknowledge the importance of workplace communication for their team’s unity, morale, and even mental health.

A study last year found that 75% of workers report feeling burned out – many while working from home. 

You may already use digital signage at work to share important safety information, production details, and analytics, but why stop there? 

Digital signage is the perfect tool to make the workplace fun, whether you have a remote, on-site, or hybrid team.

How to Make the Workplace Fun and Lively with Digital Signage

Digital signage integrates with countless tools and platforms your employees already use. Plus, there’s no right or wrong way to share content via digital signage. 

Add your own creativity, group employees based on interests, and boost spirits with this inspiration.

1. Celebrate Achievements of Star Employees and the Team

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their dedication and efforts at work. 

Use your digital signage to celebrate individual employees when they contribute towards key goals, prevent or fix mistakes, and go out of their way to help customers as well as other team members.

Sharing milestones – whether for individuals or the whole team – encourages unity and showcases how everyone plays a vital role in company growth.

2. Highlight Strengths and Communicate Trust

When a workplace suffers from poor communication, team members and departments can’t trust each other – creating a vicious downward spiral for engagement.

Break the cycle with digital signage. Use your displays to play up employee strengths. You could also keep everyone informed on the expectations of other departments to encourage trust.

3. Share User-Generated Team Content and Hold a Contest

Does your company have a favourite photo-sharing app?

Integrate a photo-sharing app (Google Photos, Employee Wall / My Content) or relevant social media app for a hashtag feed that displays your team’s photos. 

Choose a theme and ask employees to submit relevant photos as part of a contest with a theme-based prize. Pick a different theme each month or week to make the workplace fun.

In addition, there can be a bonus for the communications team. With the permission of the employees the best pictures can be used in communication and marketing campaigns. This is authentic content created by your own employees.

4. Display Fun Internal Social Media Channels

If you don’t have one, create a Slack channel or group in your favorite team app where the team can share relevant memes and funny videos. (Make sure to set content rules.) 

Link the feed from the group to your digital signage so everyone can see the conversation.

⬅️ Here is an example of how to use the new Instagram Grid app from Valotalive.

5. Promote Team Social Activities Outside the Workplace

Organize team/department game nights, movie screenings, and other social events to boost unity outside the workplace. 

Share photos, invites, reminders, and memories from the events on digital signage to make sure no one feels left out.

Add Your Own Creativity and Fun with Digital Signage

Your digital signage is a blank slate. Valotalive’s digital signage provides a central platform for you to personalize the apps, content, and messaging you know works best for your team.

Brainstorm some ideas with employees to figure out how everyone can feel heard and appreciated.

Get inspired! See the full range of possibilities with Valotalive digital signage and our extensive app integration library.

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