5 Unique Ways to Improve Customer Experience with Digital Signage

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Before the pandemic disrupted real-world events, the “experience economy” was at the top of everyone’s mind.

Consumers, especially younger generations, ditched material possessions like diamond wedding rings and pricey vehicles in favour of unique experiences like hobbies, traveling, and interacting with different cultures.

73% of B2B buyers and 64% of consumers say they have higher experience expectations today. Meanwhile, 45% of B2Bs and 53% of consumers say brands still miss the experience mark.

Fortunately, digital signage provides a unique, engaging, and simple way to improve your customer experience across every touchpoint.

5 Ways to Boost the Customer Experience with Digital Signage

First, map out strategic locations where digital signage can improve marketing communications and the overall customer experience. Some smart touchpoints include:

  • Office lobbies or front desks
  • Cafeterias
  • Breakrooms
  • Meeting rooms or boardrooms
  • Shop floors

Next, use the strategies below to integrate digital signage and the right type of data at each location. Always consider what type of data visualisation or information would be most useful to the customer at each moment.

1. Personalized Welcome Messages

Make customers or key accounts feel at home as soon as they enter your waiting area or lobby with personalized welcome messages. You might include names (if applicable), current specials, or key data they’d find interesting.

Customers might also appreciate general information about the current weather, news, or traffic. Information like this on digital signage shows you care about a customer’s life outside your workplace.

2. Introduction Videos from Your Team

Lobbies and waiting rooms are also excellent places to share introduction videos from individual team members or about your company generally.

Individual team member videos provide a more one-on-one customer experience. Meanwhile, general company videos can drive home your branding, mission, culture, values, and any causes you actively support.

Customers will have a better understanding of your brand immediately.

3. Show Off Your Social Feed or Mentions

Digital signage tools integrate with most social media apps and tools so you can promote specific posts or custom feeds from your brand as they apply to the customer experience.

Set up alerts for brand mentions and work those into a custom social feed where customers can see what others say about your company.

4. Integrate Review Analytics with Data Visualisations

Net Promoter Score on Digital Signage in the office
Net Promoter Score on Digital Signage Display in the office

Use special analytics tools to integrate your Net Promoter Score across digital signage and boost customer loyalty.

You might also use analytics to scan reviews, draw insights, share common themes from reviews, and promote some of the best reviews.

5. Highlight Stats or Quotes from Case Studies

Integrate content marketing with digital signage to share relevant case studies and quotes from happy customers. Add some custom data visualisations about the case study’s results, show trends across case studies, and organise case study data by vertical or industry.

One Digital Signage Tool for Every Touchpoint

Digital signage shouldn’t be complicated. You need one tool to maximize internal communications while improving overall customer experience.

Valotalive integrates with countless apps like Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Microsoft Power BI, Google Sheets, Weather, and more for seamless visualisations.

Learn why companies across dozens of countries use Valotalive to improve employee communication and customer experience.

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