Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS

Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS

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Designed for easy use and seamless synchronization with any Chrome OS devices, Valotalive digital signage software is the easiest way to get started with displaying content on your info screens.

We also offer Chrome OS device management as a service – just order pre-configured devices online in a few minutes and start using when the shipment arrives.

Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS Benefits

Built-in world-class security with your Chrome OS devices

✔ With Chrome OS devices, you get world-class security features like cross-device policy compliance, automatic seamless updates that won’t disturb your workflows, verified boot to prevent malware, and more.

Control your Chrome OS devices easily with Google Device Management Console

✔ Control all your Chrome devices easily from one place with Google Device Management Console – from pre-configuring devices, managing users, device policies and settings, managing Chrome OS version updates, viewing activity logs, and more.

Read more about Chrome Device Management

Experience the most flexible Digital Signage Content Management Software 

✔ With Valotalive’s modern cloud-based software, you can create automated playlists, pull content from any workplace apps, add custom content on the go, use advanced filters, personalize content for each screen, display multiple contents in split view, access your digital signage content easily on any device, and much more.

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How to Get Started with Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS

These instructions are for self-managed Chrome OS devices used together with Valotalive Digital Signage. We also offer Chrome OS device management as a service – just order pre-configured devices online in a few minutes and start using them when the shipment arrives.

Step 1: Make sure you have an active Chrome Enterprise Upgrade & Valotalive Digital Signage subscription 

To manage Chrome OS devices, you first need to make sure you have a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade. You can choose either Annual or Perpetual which covers the life of the device it’s enrolled to.

ChromeOS devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade provide flexible access to corporate data, regardless of use case.

To use Valotalive for sharing content to your info screens, you need an active subscription. Register to start your free trial, or choose your preferred paid plan from these options (starting from € 9 / month / app / display). 

When you’ve created your Valotalive account, you can get started with this Get Started guide.

Step 2: Set up kiosk mode for Valotalive Digital Signage

You’re now ready to set up your existing devices in the Google Admin console. 

Sign in with your Chrome Enterprise account using this link.

Navigate to Devices → Chrome → Apps & Extensions → Kiosks to enable kiosk mode with Valotalive Digital Signage.

Click the plus icon & add from the Chrome Web Store button to choose Valotalive and set that as the auto-launch app for your organizational unit’s devices.

By doing this, you ensure your Chrome OS devices will automatically show Valotalive Digital Signage content after being turned on and that no other apps will be available for non-admin users.

Detailed instructions for setting up Kiosk mode with Valotalive in Valotalive Help Center.

Step 3: Enforce global device policies in the Google Admin console

In the Google Admin console, navigate to Devices → Chrome → Settings to give your devices the needed other settings and enforce needed policies. 

Some of the most important settings include:

  • Set up kiosk mode & autolaunch (see step 2)
  • Disable guest mode and restrict user sign-in according to company policies
  • Set scheduled reboot cycle (once a week recommended)
  • Select automatic updates for OS versions (recommended)
  • Get inactive device notifications after a certain period of time

Find the complete list of all settings here.

Step 4: Enroll your Chrome OS devices with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade account

Switch on your Chrome device but do not login yet. When prompted to sign in, press the key combination CMD+Shift+E or Ctrl+Alt+E. This takes you to the Enterprise enrollment screen.

Next, provide your Admin account credentials.

Click on Enroll Device. The devices get added to the Google portal and will be automatically synced with your pre-configured policies and settings that apply.

Detailed instructions to Enterprise Enrollment in Valotalive Help Center. You can also read more about Enterprise enrollment in Google’s documentation.

When you want to add an additional Chrome OS device, simply repeat this step.

Step 5: Pair with Valotalive Digital Signage

The first time you sign in and the Valotalive app launches, you will be asked to pair your device with Valotalive Digital Signage. 

In order to manage Valotalive Displays, the display needs to be paired with the Valotalive cloud.

When signed into the Valotalive app, navigate to Displays → Choose “Claim a display” → Give your PIN from the screen, Name your device, and hit the “Claim the display” button”

After doing this for all of your devices, you’re ready to start displaying content from Valotalive Digital Signage with your Chrome OS devices.
Detailed instructions for pairing your Chrome OS devices with Valotalive Digital Signage in Valotalive Help Center.

Looking for something simpler?

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Does Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS work with other than Google tools?

Valotalive Digital Signage for Chrome OS allows you to pull content from any common workplace tools, not just Google tools. We offer over 30 integrations with tools like Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Sharepoint, Slack, social media apps, weather, Accident-  day counter, and more. In addition, you can publish custom content with our My Content Channel app.

See all Valotalive apps & integrations here.

Should I manage my devices myself or buy device management as a service?

It’s up to your resources, really! Valotalive Managed Digital Signage Solution for Chrome OS Devices is hands down the easiest way for enterprise companies to get started with displaying content on digital signage. You can simply order ready-to-use Chrome OS devices from our webstore pre-configured with your content and settings preferences. When the package arrives, simply plug it in and start sharing content to digital signage.

Read more about Managed Digital Signage Solution for Chrome OS Devices.

What Chrome OS device / Chromebox should I use with Valotalive Digital Signage?

We recommend using a Chromebox manufactured by HP, Acer, Aopen, or Asus, but you can use any Chromebox or other Chrome OS device.

These are our top three recommendations:

  • HP G3 Chromebox: HP G3 Chrome OS device provides powerful and highly secure access to Valotalive to connect with any display. The integrated HDMI ports connect dual 4K monitors for increased productivity. HP Chromebox G3 comes with Intel® Celeron® processor, 4 GB memory, 32 GB eMMC storage. This is the most common option for companies looking for a good, reliable device for everyday use – most of our customers choose this!
  • Asus Chromebox 4: Asus Chromebox 4 chrome OS device provides highly secure access to Valotalive, making it a great platform for Digital Signage. Asus Chromebox4 media player comes with Intel® Celeron® 5205U chip and can provide 4K resolution for a great experience. Another great, affordable option for everyday use.
  • AOPEN Commercial 2 Chromebox is a highly reliable and powerful media player for video walls and other high-end digital signage solutions. The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial 2 is a powerful, fanless, 4K media player that operates 24/7 under tough conditions. The device is combined with the capability to run one UHD (4k) screen @60Hz, or two UHD (4k) screens @30Hz. The most powerful option for companies that need better performance.

Should I choose Chrome Sign Builder or digital signage software for Chrome OS? What’s the best alternative?

Google’s Chrome Sign Builder is an excellent free tool for simple use cases like displaying a static restaurant menu or a single Google Slides presentation on the info screen.

If your needs are any more complex, chances are it might not be ideal for your use case, in which case we recommend choosing a digital signage software like Valotalive that works seamlessly with Chrome OS devices.

Starting from just € 9 / month  / app / display, Valotalive digital signage is an affordable option for companies who need a bit more flexibility, like the ability to add content on the go in real-time with your mobile phone, personalize content for each info screen, or share content directly from multiple workplace apps without sharing public URLs.

See all Valotalive Digital Signage Features here

Digital Signage with Native Integrations with your favorite Google apps (and more)

Valotalive digital signage works with all your favorite workplace apps from Google, Microsoft, and more!

Google Photos Logo

Google Photos

✔ Display images from Google Photos in a showreel from chosen albums

✔  Include a call to action or image description

Google Slides

✔ Display Google Slides content easily without making the URL public

✔ Choose Slides directly from Drive

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

Google Analytics

✔ Visualize your favorite charts and reports and display on info screen with digital signage

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

Google Calendar

✔ Display multiple calendars at the same time

✔ Show calendar updates in real time

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

✔ 14-day Free Trial ✔ No CC needed ✔ Cancel any im

Google Sheets

✔ Display Google Sheets content easily without making the URL public

✔ Choose Sheets  directly from Drive and define displayed tabs and data ranges

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

Happeo icon


✔ Display Happeo intranet content updates easily

✔ Supports most common content formats like images, text, and videos

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

LumApps icon


✔ Display content from your LumApps employee experience platform easily

✔ Choose displayed channels and set displaying frequency

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication


✔ Display any YouTube videos on info screens

✔ Create video playlists easily

✔ Secure Google Sign authentication

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