How to Use Digital Signage for Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Are you struggling to get your employees on the same page and keep them motivated? Dissatisfied employees and workplaces with low productivity are a global challenge nearly everyone faces. Because many offices are still using the same practices they did years ago, organizations are having a difficult time keeping their employees engaged.

However, instead of falling behind the times in your workplace decoration and internal branding strategies, create an engaging experience for your employees through digital signage.

Learn six ways to improve your employee engagement through an immersive digital signage experience in the workplace.

Common Challenges Workplaces Face from Low Engagement

Your business growth depends on your employee satisfaction. If your workers aren’t engaged, you will lose time and money from low productivity and avoidable mistakes.

Here are a few common challenges workplaces face when they don’t actively engage and interact with their employees. These issues make digital signage a necessity for the modern workspace.

Common Challenges in a Workplace with Poor Employee Engagement

Miscommunication Between Departments

About 81% of employees say that workplace miscommunication is a significant issue. Your departments work in separate parts of your building or stay in their offices, decreasing the interactions with each other.

Sometimes the only communication they have with other departments is through an occasional email. If your employees aren’t actively checking their email, they can easily miss time-sensitive announcements or lose vital information in the slew of other incoming messages. You can avoid this challenge if you find a new and innovative way for displaying messages and updates.

Dissatisfied Employees

Only about half of employees are satisfied with their jobs. The other half is not excited about going to work, which leads to poor productivity from a lack of motivation. Keeping your employees satisfied and motivated is challenging, especially if the workplace is bland and unengaging or workers feel disconnected from the company’s branding.

Little Recognition

Many workplaces have very little employee recognition, with nearly a fifth of employees saying they never receive any credit for their work. When employees don’t feel seen, this can contribute significantly to their overall dissatisfaction. Feeling seen is difficult in workplaces that keep employees separated and have no way to publicly thank and recognize their top workers.

No Company Transparency

Company transparency is essential for aligning your organization and building trust with your employees. If employees can’t easily access or see basic company information, insights, and updates, they won’t be on the same page as the organization.

6 Ways Digital Signage Solves Challenges and Boosts Employee Engagement

Digital signage upgrades your workplace and transforms it into an engaging, transparent, and connected environment that will boost your productivity and improve your business’s performance.

Here are six ways digital signage solves common workplace challenges and encourages employee engagement. Plus, explore some examples of how to achieve these results in the workplace.

1. Enhance Employee Communication

Are you still communicating through sticky notes on a desk or company-wide emails?

Digital signage improves workplace communication by sharing the most important and relevant information publicly across the building. Some of the information you can display includes:

  • Company announcements
  • Updates
  • Upcoming events
  • Contact information
  • Business KPIs and goals reached
  • Company policies and reminders
  • Health & safety updates

You can share even more information while maximizing your space and available equipment using a multiview display. This system uses several real-time displays of information on one screen for a larger picture of data and updates.

In addition, digital signage improves workflows during company meetings by displaying information in real-time. It can also connect your remote teams to your office workers for better collaboration.

Wärtsilä HQ is one example of using digital signage to improve your business communication. This office structure is 11,000 square meters with almost 500 employees. Despite the size, it maintains excellent communication using over 300 digital displays throughout the workplace.

These screens are in offices, lobbies, and other facilities, unifying the entire organization through real-time data distribution.

2. Contribute to Internal Brand Building

While you might primarily think of brand building in connection with your customer relationships, you shouldn’t forget about your internal brand. An internal brand is your company culture and is responsible for attracting and retaining employees. Poor internal branding can lead to high attrition rates and low hire rates.

Here are some ways to perform brand building with digital signage:

  • Recognize loyal employees publicly
  • Congratulate winners of competitions
  • Recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and employee milestones
  • Welcome new hires with colorful lobby displays
  • Display maps of the building for visitors and new hires
  • Unify your workplace with similar colors, images, and text to build a feeling of community
  • Connect your internal brand with your external branding goals through displayed updates

3. Align Your Employees with Your Company Goals

Brand alignment is when all your employees use the same data to move toward similar goals. Remaining aligned requires everyone to access important and relevant company information, including your company values, goals, and mission. Digital signage supports your alignment goals by displaying the most important company data in an attractive and engaging way. 

Digital signage is the bridge between your digital and physical brands. You can use it to share digital information like social media posts and website updates. This alignment connects your brand as one unit.

For example, an outbound sales center might display statistics showing how many conversions they received that day and how close they are to reaching their daily goal. These statistics will motivate the employees and unify them in their purpose. They might also share the latest Instagram post or online feedback to show the impact employees are having on their customers.

In addition, you can post news updates on the signs. This helps employees stay on top of the latest changes affecting the company which increases your brand transparency.

4. Improve the Employee Experience

Every industry is adopting technology to create more immersive experiences. For example, the University Libraries at Virginia Tech offer a virtual experience where visitors can walk through historic World War I tunnels using virtual reality. Even social media is moving to the next technological age with the introduction of the metaverse, a virtual world that offers digitized real-world activities.

However, physical workplaces are often slow to adopt similar technology which can make an equally engaging and immersive work environment.

For example, digital signage can make the workplace come alive with interactive displays using moving images, real-time updates, and engaging graphics that you can easily change. Having an immersive environment can improve your employees’ moods and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

Studies show that companies with the best employee experience also reported over three times a return on assets and double on sales over those with average or low employee satisfaction.

5. Encourage Employee Advocacy

The biggest promoters of your organization are often your workers. When employees actively promote their business to others, this is considered employee advocacy.

Employee advocates will use word-of-mouth, social media, and other communication channels to share information about their company and promote products with friends and strangers. They become experts in the industry, with others often relying on them more than the business itself.

About 63% of consumers will trust a brand advocate more than the brand. This is because consumers expect a business only to highlight its positive features. However, when someone outside of the company also speaks positively about the business, people view those recommendations as more authentic and reliable.

Some ways to encourage employee advocacy with digital signage include:

  • Improve the workplace experience so that they are more likely to share their positive experience with others
  • Share relevant data that employees can pass along to others
  • Post games or incentives for employees who promote the company
  • Post advocacy goals and encourage your employees to help meet those goals

6. Improve the Customer Experience

Engaged employees improve the customer experience, which results in more sales and greater customer retention. Over 45% of businesses will prioritize customer experience over the next few years. That is because 86% of consumers will pay more if they have a positive experience.

Why Does a Positive Customer Experience Matter?

If your employees are more engaged, productive, and aligned, they will be able to offer a better experience for customers. Improved employee experiences mean they will be more knowledgeable and motivated to do their best. Their communications will also improve due to access to more information through digital signage around the office.

Bring Your Workplace into the New Age of Technology

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