Power BI Reports in Valotalive Multiview: Design Tips

Want to showcase multiple Power BI reports on your Valotalive digital signage and achieve a cohesive look & feel?

This guide will show you how to easily optimize your reports for a cohesive and visually appealing presentation on your Valotalive Multiview screens.

What is Valotalive Multiview?

Valotalive Multiview is a powerful tool (app) that lets you showcase multiple content applications simultaneously. Imagine creating dynamic Shop Floor Boards or Tier Boards displaying real-time production data across multiple reports. With Multiview, you can offer a comprehensive overview that keeps everyone informed.

Optimizing Your Power BI Reports for Multiview

Let’s ensure your reports shine on Valotalive Multiview. Here’s a simple checklist to follow:

  1. Edit Your Report:
    • Click “Edit” in Power BI 
    • Navigate to the “Visualizations” pane.
    • Click the format icon (paintbrush symbol) to access the “Format page”.
  1. Maintain Consistent Aspect Ratio:
    • Under “Canvas settings,” check the “Height” and “Width” settings for your report.
    • Choose  16:9 under “Type” or aim for a close match to the 16:9 aspect ratio (common for landscape displays). Most importantly, ensure all reports share the same aspect ratio for a uniform look.
  1. Align Reports Vertically:
    • Still in “Canvas settings,” locate “Vertical alignment.”
    • We recommend using the “Middle” setting for a balanced presentation within the Multiview layout.
  1. Standardize Report Backgrounds:
    • To create a seamless look across reports in Valotalive Multiview, navigate to “Wallpaper” settings.
    • We recommend using a solid color background.
    • Under “Wallpaper,” choose “Color” and select a consistent color scheme for all your reports.
  1. Ensure your Valotalive Power BI app uses the report’s background 
    • In Valotalive, locate your Power BI app by going to “Apps” -> “My Apps” and searching for its name.
    • Click the app to open the settings. Navigate to the “Configuration”.
    • Click “Show advanced” to expand 
    • Under “Background” choose “Use report’s background” 

By following these steps, you can ensure your Power BI reports display beautifully on Valotalive Multiview, providing a clear and captivating overview for your audience.

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