Learn how to Share Business Intelligence Data with Digital Signage Software

If you’re like most businesses, you have more data than you know what to do with. 

Big data is both a blessing and a curse. 

On one hand, you have countless possibilities for understanding how your business operates and what choices to make. On the other, you struggle to create effective systems for managing data and drawing useful insights – not to mention keeping your data compliant.

Enterprise companies especially can’t go without modern BI solutions for understanding how their business operates.

Why is business intelligence data vital for modern enterprises?

Enterprise companies can’t neglect business intelligence. Operating on such a massive scale requires clean data management practices and effective insights. 

One blip in an enterprise’s operational data can trigger a poor production, marketing, sales, or logistics decision leading to huge costs down the road. Effective BI prevents high-level business mistakes that you can easily avoid with proper insights.

Most data isn’t easy to read or interpret unless you’re an expert in the field. Plus, data is often siloed between departments, making organization-wide insights impossible.

A dedicated BI strategy first designs the data infrastructure for collecting, managing, and sorting business-wide data.

Next, it puts the organization’s data into digestible visualizations for employees to understand operations and make smart choices.

BI makes complex numbers easy to understand for data-driven decisions

Management and employees don’t have the time or energy to sit through detailed presentations or piles of granular data. They need to know exactly which stats apply directly to business operations and how so they can make smart choices. 

BI puts the important data into easy-to-understand visualisations with predictions, historical trends, and the current situation – what´s happening in the company right now. Decision makers always have the most important information in digestible charts and graphs for budget planning, product research, trends, and more.

Business Intelligence Encourages Communication and Collaboration 

C-level management and decision-makers can feel more connected to the team thanks to BI. Business intelligence can also focus on specific departments, highlighting key employees or leaders for recognition. 

Management can quickly look at the results from BI data and provide instant feedback, positive encouragement, celebration, recognition, and advice via digital signage tools around the workplace. 

Why More Companies are Using Digital Signage for sharing BI Data for their employees?

Business KPI data visualization on a digital signage display

What good are BI data visualisations and accurate analytics if they’re forgotten after a meeting? Data visualization alone helps you display metrics in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand and use right away. Digital signage integrated with key Business Intelligence applications such as Microsoft Power BI or QlikSense can get the needed information exactly where it needs to be instant.

Data visualizations shared at work with digital signage bring clarity and action to people who don’t crunch numbers every day but need to understand the metrics – and comprehensive digital signage is the perfect way to get it where it needs to be. 

Well-placed digital signage around your factory floor, boardrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and breakrooms keeps the most important stats at the top of every decision-maker’s mind.

The main benefits of using a Valotalive content management software for BI data sharing

Well-placed digital signage displays around your factory floor, boardrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and breakrooms offers the following benefits for workplace communication:

Easy to set up and automate real-time content sharing. You can use any existing display with an HDMI input, e.g. a meeting room screen to share your BI data through digital signage software. The process is fully automated end to end, no manual work is needed to update info screens.

Better recall rate. The good news is, your BI data will be not just seen more but also remembered better when displayed on the info screen: digital signage has a recall rate of a whopping 83%. With digital signage, you can be sure to display the right data in the right places.

Make the data easy to understand. Digital signage makes it easier for your employees to access data, which can help you build trust and loyalty with your employees. To avoid overwhelming people, you might want to display relevant data only or selected report pages only with additional filters.

Security. Digital signage allows sharing your BI dashboards and reports both on info screens and online with remote team members, without sharing the URL or original dataset. With Valotalive’s secure authentication process, your shared data is safe and not accessible by anyone outside the company.

Valotalive offers smarter digital signage software for modern workplaces

Valotalive workplace digital signage software offers a “zero-touch” solution for enterprises. Use our turn-key integrations to set up a modern digital signage solution that is based on content automation and real-time data sharing.

In moments, you can:

  • Share the latest KPI dashboards and reports 
  • Transmit data on accident-free days and health & safety to factory floors
  • Inform sales staff of current goals and trends
  • Brief IT departments on the morning’s latest changes
  • Keep research and development focused and on time

See how enterprise companies around the globe use Valotalive’s digital signage integrations to save both time and money while enjoying higher productivity across the workplace.

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