Access Control

Access Control to Valotalive Embedded Applications and Virtual Displays explained

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it possible to login with a single ID and password to multiple independent, but related applications.

Valotalive is now Okta Verified. You can find further instructions here.

Turning other SSO on for embedded apps will be performed by us upon a separate request.

Contact us for further details


IP Blocking

IP Blocking

IP Blocking restricts connections outside the allowed IP addresses or IP ranges.

It is possible for account super admin to manage approved IP ranges within Valotalive

Valotalive Embedded Apps and Virtual Displays support SSO

Embedded Apps

Embedded App, such as My Contentent Embed, provides a link (URL) to a specific application.

Using this link, the specific application can be embedded into websites, such as intranet.

Virtual Displays

Virtual Display provides a display link (URL) to a specific display, with all content on it.

Using this link, the application can be embedded into websites, such as intranet.

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