Case study: Rexel Improved Production Floor communication by Sharing Power BI Data on Digital Signage

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Situation before: Outdated operational data and a lot of manual work

Rexel is an expert in multichannel distribution for the energy world. They have 80 info screens with Valotalive digital signage software in 10 locations in Central Europe.

Before Valotalive, Rexel was already using info screens in their operational facilities – however, there was one problem:

Content had to be updated manually due to the lack of integration capabilities. This resulted in displaying operational data from the day before rather than presenting actionable real-time information.

“We had an expensive on-premise system that was hard to integrate so we basically ended up building PowerPoint presentations and ​​manually displaying already outdated data on info screens that weren’t reaching all employees anyway,” explains Thomas Grüner, Manager WMS Tactical Board at Rexel.

Rexel uses Microsoft Power BI to visualize their operational data. 

In order to reach the maximum employee engagement and productivity, they needed to share this data more efficiently with not just the management but also busy blue-collar workers in distribution centers.

Having realized all this, they wanted to find a modern workplace digital signage system that integrates securely with Power BI and allows them to share important operational data with their employees in real time.

Solution: Operational data displayed live from Power BI with automated digital signage content

Rexel is a great example of a company that wanted to take a more data-driven approach to traditional ways of working with a digital signage solution.

Thomas and their team integrated their Power Bi with Valotalive Digital Signage and set up more info screens throughout the distribution center. 

This allows Rexel to display live data from various sources – not just Power BI reports and other Microsoft apps, but also relevant sales and business data, and general company communications.

According to Grüner, Valotalive’s automated digital signage content has tremendously improved data transparency, operational efficiency, internal employee communications across all facilities, and even employee happiness.

“For example, we have one huge screen in our control tower to help our operators to easily keep track of important data like open retentions and spot potential errors. This makes everyone’s work so much easier.”

Having just one centralized data source for all critical data makes daily operations simpler and less prone to errors, since employees don’t have to manually check various systems anymore.

In addition, the ability to reach all employees easily has also helped Rexel with safety communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“But probably the best thing is that when employees walk across the warehouse, they simply can’t avoid seeing those reports. This has absolutely had a huge effect on our productivity and the quality of our work from a customer’s point of view!”

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