5 Ways Business Critical Digital Signage Can Revolutionize Your Company’s Communication Strategy

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world, communication is key. Whether it’s communicating with customers, employees, or stakeholders, businesses need to be able to convey their messages quickly and effectively. That’s where business-critical digital signage comes in.

Digital signage refers to the use of digital displays to convey information, messages, and advertisements. Business-critical digital signage takes this concept a step further by focusing on the use of digital displays for important or critical communications, such as safety messages, operational updates, and emergency notifications.

The importance of business-critical digital signage in today’s business world cannot be overstated. With the rise of remote work and dispersed workforces, businesses need a way to communicate with employees across different locations and time zones. Additionally, customers are increasingly accustomed to receiving information digitally, making digital signage a natural choice for businesses looking to reach their target audience.

With centrally managed digital boards, organizations can display real-time data, metrics, and progress updates, keeping employees motivated and aligned with organizational objectives.

Five ways in which digital signage technology can revolutionize your communication strategy:

  1. Increased Engagement
  2. Enhanced Communication
  3. Increased Efficiency
  4. Better Data Insights
  5. Improved Branding

I. Increased Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of business-critical digital signage is its ability to capture attention and increase engagement. With eye-catching displays and dynamic content, digital signage can help to communicate important messages in a way that is more likely to be noticed and remembered. This can be particularly effective in environments where employees or customers are often on the move, such as offices, production facilities, hospitals, or retail stores.

Valotalive Customer Story: Wärtsilä HQ

Wärtsilä HQ is a new 11,000 square meter workspace for all of Wärtsilä’s, almost 500, employees working in the capital city area. The company has operations in 70 countries around the world and employs approximately 18.000 employees.

Wärtsilä uses Valotalive Control App that turns a passive large format video wall into an interactive video wall. Recipients can interact directly with video walls using their mobile phones. With just a few clicks, recipients can temporarily take control of any info screen and choose what content to display based on their information needs.

II. Enhanced Communication

Another way in which business-critical digital signage can revolutionize a company’s communication strategy is by providing a fast and effective way to communicate important messages. Whether it’s safety information, company updates, or promotional content, digital signage can help to ensure that the right message gets to the right people at the right time. This can be particularly important in emergency situations, where timely communication can make all the difference.

Valotalive Customer story: Advanced Technology Services 

With 3,000 employees in over 100 facilities, Valotalive provides an easy-to-use digital signage platform to communicate with everyone. The integrations with Microsoft tools such as Power BI and SharePoint online are key to us being able to share real-time data with our employees and customers.

III. Increased Efficiency

Digital signage solutions can also help to improve efficiency in various ways. For example, by using digital signage instead of printed materials, businesses can reduce costs and waste while providing real-time information updates. Digital signage is also used to streamline operations by providing employees with important information, such as shift schedules or inventory updates.

Valotalive Customer story: Case Neste

Neste was looking for ways to maintain and improve a safe workplace for employees. Their challenge was to improve the processes to track & measure near misses and employee injuries and find ways to make sure the records are updated on a constant basis.
Neste is using dynamic data and visualizations of enterprise health & safety records on digital signage displays throughout their production sites. The objective is to increase overall awareness about the strategic EHS initiative. Neste displays the health & safety records in full-screen visualizations to guide the operations in a positive direction.

IV. Better Data Insights

Business-critical digital signage can be used to gather data and insights about customer behavior and preferences. By tracking how customers interact with displays, businesses can gain valuable insights into which messages are resonating and which are not. This data is helping businesses to better understand and serve their target audience.

Valotalive Customer story: Case Rexel

Rexel integrated their Power BI platform with Valotalive Digital Signage and set up several more info screens throughout the distribution center. The live Power BI reports on-screen show how many errors there might be on box calculations or streams for inbound and outbound processes. This allows Rexel to display live data from various sources – not just Power BI reports and other Microsoft apps, but also relevant sales and business data, and general company communications.

According to Rexel’s team, Valotalive’s automated digital signage content has tremendously improved data transparency, operational efficiency, internal employee communications across all facilities, and even employee happiness. Read the full Rexel case study here.

V. Improved Branding

Finally, digital signage can also help to reinforce a company’s branding and messaging. By using consistent branding and messaging across different displays, businesses can create a cohesive brand experience that resonates with customers and employees alike. 

While you might primarily think of brand building in connection with your customer relationships, you shouldn’t forget about your internal brand. An internal brand is your company culture and is responsible for attracting and retaining employees. Poor internal branding can lead to high attrition rates and low hire rates. Read more about how to improve customer experience with digital signage.

In conclusion, business-critical digital signage has the potential to revolutionize a company’s communication strategy in a variety of ways. By increasing engagement, enhancing communication, improving branding, increasing efficiency, and providing better data insights, businesses can use digital signage to better connect with their customers and employees, ultimately driving growth and success.

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