Creative Ways to Boost Employee Happiness & Communications with Digital Signage

Happy employees in an office

As workers around the world return to work, many grapple with uncertain feelings about the situation. 

Between April 2020 and January 2021, the majority of workers in 29 countries around the world ranked their happiness at 6.3 on a 10-point scale. Meanwhile, over 90% of the global workforce lived in nations where lockdowns impacted certain sectors as of January 2021.

Make employee communication a priority by improving happiness across the team with digital signage. This is critical as everyone returns to work uncertain of their patterns and workplace dynamics. 

5 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement with Digital Signage

Integrate digital signage with your company’s favourite social media apps, communication apps, collaboration, and even infotainment to boost workplace happiness and contentment. Get everyone on the same positive page.

1. Everything Starts with Great Coffee and Food

Excellent conversations and pertinent discussions always begin over coffee, and the workplace is no different. Share company updates and announcements across targeted digital screens over break room tables. Give staff the metrics and insights they need to take on the day. 

Do not forget the one of the most successful contents of all times, the lunch menu.

Digital Signage in a coffee break room

2.  Celebrate Achievements of Star Employees and Teams

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their dedication and efforts at work.

Use your digital signage to celebrate individual employees when they contribute towards key goals, prevent or fix mistakes, and go out of their way to help customers as well as other team members.

Sharing milestones – whether for individuals or the whole team – encourages unity and showcases how everyone plays a vital role in company growth.

3. Double Down on Culture

Worker burnout and disengagement was already a problem with location-based workplaces long before the pandemic. People need to feel like they belong somewhere, like they’re part of something bigger.

Rethink what your company culture looks like on paper and in practice. Add to it. Then use digital tools to promote it and keep people involved. 

4. Make No Compromises on Employee Communication 

It all starts with workplace communication. Next, drive home data to inform and finally, engage the team with actionable insights. Don’t wait for the next best moment. Use digital signage to make every moment informative.

Make sure everyone can see the right metrics during meetings, insights during lunch breaks, and data visualizations in the office. In factories and construction sites, communication is vital for alerting workers to safety issues. No excuses.

An office space with digital signage display and people in it
Live KPIs on a digital signage display in the office

5. Encourage Unity with Social Media Blurbs

Team unity isn’t easy to maintain in sprawling organizations. 

Factories, remote construction sites, office floors, meeting rooms – every space needs digital signage for streamlined yet targeted messaging. Integrate digital signage with social media apps to improve workplace happiness with funny blurbs, quotes, images, and more.

Instagram on Digital Signage
Instagram post on a digital signage display

Good Employee Communication All Starts with Digital Signage

Use digital signage to take your workplace communication back to where it was before COVID-19 and beyond. Use automated content distribution to share your latest updates, metrics, visualizations, and briefs to targeted screens, so you can keep everyone on the same page – anywhere.

Browse the Valotalive app integrations as inspiration for adding happiness to your workplace.

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