Successful digital transformation isn’t about adopting AI or specific technologies to operate online – it’s about process digitalization. 

77% of CEOs say the pandemic has accelerated their attention and efforts for moving forward with digital transformation tasks.

Digitalizing certain processes in response to the pandemic has also drawn attention to the outdated, clunky, and manual processes they’d ignored so long without realizing solutions were available.

Here are five such cases of how Valotalive has helped companies digitalize their processes and streamline communication with incredible results.

1. Swap Manual KPI Sharing for Digital Signage with Microsoft Power BI

BEFORE: Rexel (video) came to Valotalive with an outdated system for sharing company KPIs. Each day, they’d upload screenshots from the prior day’s data, so the team never had current status metrics to guide their work.

Furthermore, they hosted this data on-premises and operated locally, making any integrations manual and labor-intensive – and extremely costly. 

AFTER: This company knew they needed process digitalization to transition to a data-driven company prepared for modern workplace demands, particularly live status updates. Specifically, they needed a solution to put their data to work, making data available to those who needed it. 

Now, they have big screens that trail warehouse operations with live reports. Their digital signage integrates Microsoft Power BI to centrally manage their intelligence insights for seamless scaling – all at a lower price point.

2. Broadcast Urgent Alerts on Project Development Tasks

BEFORE: Happeo in need of digitization relied on Jira for critical product development tasks and issues – time-sensitive material. 

Their processes lacked a centralized method for alerting the team to urgent tasks. Critically urgent tasks might go unseen, much less addressed. 

AFTER: We set them up with an integration to display Jira projects and associated tasks on a live dashboard displays where everyone in the office could see them. With their Valotalive digital signage and Jira integration, everyone can see the live status of projects and have them filtered by project, issue type, and status. 

3. Keep Construction Sites Updated and Engaged with Info Screens

BEFORE: Hartela rely on manual bulletin boards, lacking any formal centralized communication channel to update all construction sites simultaneously. 

AFTER: With Valotalive digital signage, each construction site gets modern info screens in the breakrooms. They can set up local information screens for bottom-up communication and another for top-down corporate news, providing instant access to RSS feeds, data integrations, weather updates, and more.

4. Prevent Accidents on Factory Floors and Construction Sites

BEFORE: In most companies the factory floors are quipped with a manual bulletin board to track accident-free days, which often go ignored.

AFTER: Using Valotalive modern info screens across the production factory floor, coffee room, and lobby – companies can offer not only accident or safe days updates but live data, safety alerts, and more.

5. Ditch Flash Drives for Centralized Content in Lobbies

BEFORE: In lobbies, companies often use memory sticks to update their brand communication screens each day or week, leading to outdated data, wasted time, and low engagement.

AFTER: These companies use Valotalive’s modern info screens or video walls in their lobbies which they fill with dynamic content flows. A centrally managed content system lets them automate videos, social media posts, welcome messages for visitors, data visualizations, and anything relevant to their business thanks to integrations.

Start Your Process Digitalization Now with User-Friendly Digital Signage 

Digital signage from Valotalive is user-friendly and integrates with countless apps you already use for analytics, collaboration, content, and more. There’s no need to rely on manual outdated processes anymore – digital signage keeps everyone engaged and informed.

See the full range of possibilities for putting Valotalive digital signage to work!

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