Success starts from the people

Companies are adopting new tools to engage employees. Some are looking into driving transparency and sharing information between business units to break silos. Others are enhancing their internal communication to connect people and to engage them with the company brand. In many cases new digital workplace and social sharing platforms are implemented. It possible to drive intranet adoption with digital signage and we’ll tell you how to do that. 

New way of working

Are you maybe Implementing new employee communication tools, Teams, SharePoint or Happeo as an example, for your organization’s use? New tools and new way of working will require people to change their behavior. Fundamentally it is always more about new way of working than new technology.


Plan for adoption

Adopting new, the next generation of intranet typically touches most end users in the organization. It can be difficult to reach full adoption without a formal adoption plan. Remember to include digital signage into your adoption plan. WHY and HOW? Read further to find out.

Drive Intranet adoption with these tips

Be relevant

 The key to success and engagement is to provide relevant and engaging content to the target audiences. Relevant in this context means something that is meaningful for the audience at that moment. The new posts and articles in your new digital workplace platform are just that.

But how to gain visibility and promote the first wins regarding the new intranet if people are not yet finding their way in? 

Make it memorable

Share and promote the content from the new intranet on digital signage. Promote the latest news, posts and articles automatically on company wide digital signage screens. Stay on top of the mind and drive adoption.

This raises awareness and increases the usage of intranet!

What is digital signage?

Digital Signage is a software that manages a network of multiple office TVs or displays and the content on them. Digital Signage makes it possible group displays and target content based on the identified target audience. Learn more about digital signage for workplace communication here.

Share the great content you have using digital signage. You can connect i.e SharePoint with your office displays and remind users to take action at the same time. This raises awareness and increases the usage of the intranet. 

Reach your audience in new places

Leveraging digital signage the right way, it is possible for you to reach the employees with digital displays in totally new places. Reach your audience in places around the corporate campus such as office areas, lobbies or coffee break areas. Blue collar workers on the factory floor are one of the most important group to keep in mind when planning for intranet adoption. Digital Signage makes it possible to reach this important group of employees with ease.

Combine and align different internal communication channels for maximized efficiency.

 TIP #1 – Automate it to save time & effort

 You can now save money, time and effort by automating the news from the intranet to digital signage displays with the specific turn-key applications that do the job.


TIP #2 – Place you CTA

 Remember to include a call to action at the end of each post asking the employees to login into the intranet to read more.

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