How to Keep Non-Desk Employees Engaged with Digital Signage

It’s an age-old question: how can companies reach non-desk employees for better communication and engagement?

The surge of remote workers and hybrid workforces in response to the pandemic has forced companies to take serious steps addressing the employee communication issue.

A survey of 800 organizations across 45 countries found that 95% plan to make major changes in response to the pandemic. 40% say those changes will include the way teams work. Meanwhile 37% plan to revamp their collaboration strategy with new tools.

Many companies don’t realize that simple digital signage can boost employee communication and reach across the entire team—no matter where they work.

5 Ways to Reach Non-Desk Employees with Digital Signage for Better Communication

Tools like email and Slack are certainly useful, but they rely on employees opening the app to check their messages. Digital signage takes the burden off workers, encouraging communication and education at strategic points around the workplace.

1. Share Employee Communications from Internal Social Media

Non-desk employees might feel disconnected from the rest of their co-workers and left out of fun or interesting conversations.

Instagram on Digital Signage
Instagram App on Digital Signage

If your team uses internal social media collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, or Yammer, integrate some of the top conversations into your digital signage. Encourage non-desk workers to participate.

2. Publish Performance Metrics and Results

Integrate tools like MS Power BI, Tableau or Google Sheets with your non-desk digital signage across the floor, office, or breakrooms.

A screencapture of a digital signage display
Quality KPIs from Power BI Report in a production facility

Keep non-desk workers updated on the latest output numbers, data visualisations, and upcoming goals.

Celebrate their results, too! People will feel more like part of the team when they can see metrics on how their work fits into growth.

3. Recognize Star Non-Desk Employees

Don’t leave your non-desk workers out of the recognition. Use digital signage to celebrate one non-desk employee each month or week based on their ethic, contributions, and results achieved.

Share their details alongside employee recognitions from other departments to encourage team unity. Suggest the star employees attend a fun event together or share a meal to boost overall employee communication.

4. Share Safety Messages and Alerts

Non-desk workers need safety messages swiftly and accurately. Unfortunately, short of sending someone to speak with them directly, your options are slim.

Accident Free Days Counter on digital signage
Live Accident Free Days Counter on digital signage in a production facility improves safety culture

Digital signage placed in employee space around the shop floor, factory, or storefront ensures non-desk workers receive information about safety problems or inspections right away.

5. Ask for Feedback and Advice

It’s easy to leave non-desk workers out of meetings and discussions, leading to low morale and productivity.

Fortunately, digital signage can encourage workers to submit surveys, suggestions, questions, or comments however they’re comfortable. Use your digital signage to post important notes about meeting topics, field questions to bring up in meetings, and relay the results later.

Digital Signage is Versatile, Integrative, and Scalable

Digital signage from Valotalive makes non-desk employee communications simple because it’s designed to work with apps and platforms you already use every day.

Strategic digital signage integrates with countless apps to put videos, messages, alerts, analytics, visualisations, and more wherever you need employees to see them.

Learn how organizations in different industries around the world rely on Valotalive to keep employees engaged and informed.

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