5 Innovative Workplace Productivity Hacks for Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Screen with Content on it

Digital signage software is a powerful way to get your message out in the workplace. But, if you’re not careful, it can be just as distracting as any other technology – the opposite of what you want to accomplish.

51% of the US workforce isn’t engaged in their work. However, the daily reality doesn’t have to be so bleak – workplace digital signage offers a powerful solution to display your message in all the right places.

In this blog post, we’ll cover five ways to use digital signage for productivity instead of distraction at work.

5 Innovative Workplace Productivity Hacks for Digital Signage

Digital signage is a diverse tool because it integrates well with so many apps you already use, along with automated content management. Everyone sees the same exact message – in the offices, production sites, logistic centres and when working remotely. 

1. Live KPI Data Drives Instant Action and Decisions 

You need KPIs where team members across every department and location can see them at once. You can’t act swiftly as metrics adapt if you don’t have the most current figures in front of your face.

Whether in the boardroom, factory, or across the office floor, instant KPIs across digital signage are vital for driving company decisions – including visualisations.

Quality KPIs on Digital Signage integrated with Power BI

2. Accelerate Strategy Execution

What’s your team’s strategy at the beginning of the day? Make sure everyone’s on the same page each morning with the current goals, metrics, and strategy to put it all together. Unify the team with digital signage automated content software and send them on their way. 

Tip – Connect your digital signage displays with Microsoft Teams or Slack channels. Set up a daily multi-channel solution to keep everyone on track.

Laptop and Digital Signage Display with Teams message on
Integrate Microsoft Teams with Office TVs

3. Welcoming and Friendly Reminders Create a Happy Workplace

Boost organization-wide morale with supportive messages on digital signage throughout the day as staff meets deadlines, surpasses goals, and cheers each other on along the way. 

HR announcements, accident free day counters, safety reminders, and other workplace vital signs send little messages that go a long way toward workplace happiness. 

Tip – Broadcast weekly or monthly Employee Engagement scores to make the data transparent and to engage employees.

An office TV with data on it in workplace. People sitting at a table in front of it. A man is passing by.
Employee Engagement scores on digital signage enhance transparency

4. Top Deals of the Week Motivate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

Use digital signage to promote deals and offers from local establishments to remind staff of what’s waiting at the top when they hit their goal. 

Integrate digital signage with your intranet such as SharePoint, Yammer or Happeo to automate daily news or weekly highlights on targeted displays. A happy workplace with digital signage is a productive workplace.

SharePoint News on Digital Signage
SharePoint news post as seen on the screen

5. Visual Net Promoter Score Highlights Customer Satisfaction

Follow your NPS throughout the week or month in a stunning visualization so staff can feel empowered to keep pushing past old boundaries. 

Integrate with apps like Google Sheets or Microsoft Power BI for stunning displays. Gauge overall customer satisfaction as it changes in real-time and offer actionable insights.

Net Promoter Score on Digital Signage in the office. A man is looking at it.
Net Promoter Score on Digital Signage offers actionable insights

Level Up Your Workplace Productivity with Digital Signage

Struggling with productivity at work? Digital signage offers a helping hand. Instead of clunky USB drives or desktop screens, workplace digital signage integrates with countless apps you already use – like Microsoft Power BI, Google Sheets, and more – to keep everyone engaged and productive. 

Make Valotalive a part of your productivity strategy with digital signage software.

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