5 Interesting Benefits of Content Automation with Digital Signage

Businesses across the world are more committed to content than ever in the wake of the pandemic. 

Marketers report that their organization’s content marketing budget has increased by 73% on average over the past two years, now consuming 18% of the entire marketing budget.

Meanwhile, a surge in remote and hybrid teams has put a spotlight on the importance of effective internal communication – not to mention, magnifying its shortcomings. 

You spend so much time and money creating data visualizations, videos, graphics, and other pieces of content only for it to end up ignored in emails and lost to the void. 

Even automating content distribution can’t guarantee your content will make it in front of the right sets of eyes. 

Digital signage, however, offers an interesting way to reap the benefits of content automation.

5 Benefits of Using Content Automation with Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Digital signage is dynamic, integrating with countless apps to streamline your content automation. Use it in your own way to make important content memorable – even across remote and hybrid teams. 

1. Digital Signage Makes Content Easy to Publish and Manage

Digital signage provides a single streamlined dashboard so you can publish and manage your company’s content anywhere and everywhere. 

No more fumbling between Slack, Google Sheets, and Tableau to distribute your content – manage it all from one dashboard.

2. Content Automation Keeps Your Digital Signage Dynamic with Fresh Material

Digital signage alone isn’t engaging and interesting – all the benefits of digital signage come from content automation. 

Skip the walls of text in favor of visually stimulating graphics, videos, charts, graphs, and more with interactive or dynamic effects. 

And by integrating content from other apps for curation like an RSS or social media feed, you’ll never run out of interesting material.

3. Squeeze More ROI from Your Content with Instant Delivery

The average employee spends 60% of their time talking and reading about work rather than engaging in actual work. 

Digital signage sends your content company-wide with the push of a button so it can fill its intended purpose: getting each team member the information they need to do their job.

4. Boost Engagement Across Communication Tools and Hybrid Teams

Communication is critical in every workplace, yet most organizations fall short. Apps can help, but only if team members engage with them regularly. 

Link your company’s social media or collaboration apps like Slack, Teams, and Yammer to display an RSS feed of interesting posts. 

5. Use Digital Signage to Make Content Memorable 

Seeing content is one thing. Remembering and using the information inside the content is another story. 

Digital signage is the perfect place to incorporate more visually stimulating content like videos, dynamic charts, and data visualizations with effects – all of which encourage employees to remember the key bits.

Find Your Inspiration for Using Digital Signage to Share Content

There’s no need to limit yourself with these benefits of content automation when you use digital signage – that’s the beauty of it. Integrate your favorite apps to share content on the fly or publish your own creations anywhere within one dashboard.

See how the Valotalive My Content Channel integration lets you manage and control your content distribution everywhere from a single dashboard. 

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